Mafia 2 Cheats - Chapter 7: In Loving Memory of Francesco Potenza

Mafia 2 Cheats - Chapter 7: In Loving Memory of Francesco Potenza
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A Reunion

This is a really easy chapter and is basically just your reintroduction to the game in the new time frame. I suggest that you just take the time to get used to the new cars and enjoy your new apartment in the city.

Start out by walking up to Joe’s apartment. Go inside and talk to Joe. He’ll tell you about our big plans for the evening and tell you about your brand new apartment. Follow him down to the garage and walk around to see his new car. We get to take it for a spin and learn a bit more about the handling for the new generation of cars.

Play around with it a bit while you drive to your new apartment. You can swing over by the garage and then walk inside. Go up to the top floor and meet your new landlord. He’ll give you the tour and then walk out when you finally tell him to leave.

There isn’t much else to do for now. If you have a suit already, then put it on and head back to Joe’s place. If not, then swing by one of the clothing stores and get some type of suit. Tonight’s an important meeting, so you should really look good for it.

Drive back to Joe’s place and walk back inside and up to his apartment. Ring the doorbell and meet our new friend and contact, Eddie. Talk to him and walk down. We get to drive his car too, so that’s pretty nice. You should be an expert at driving again by the end of the night, which is good since you’ll need to drive a lot in Chapter 8.

A Little Business

Mafia 2 Cheats - Burying the Body at the Observatory

Drive to Oyster Bay following the simple route and swing into the parking lot at the cathouse. Go inside and enjoy the long cutscene and Eddie and Joe’s debauchery. They’re both too drunk to drive, so you’re babysitting for the night. Start driving home to trigger a bit of an important discovery.

Remember that “business” that Eddie needed to take care of? Well, it’s stinking up the trunk. Carefully follow the new route up the hill to the observatory and crash through the gate to reach the side path. Keep going until you reach the mound. The rest will basically take care of itself.

Once it’s done, drive back to Joe’s place and park the car in back by the garage. It’s Eddie’s car, so it’s staying here. Get your own car from Eddie’s garage or steal one off of the street, then make your way home. Just go to bed to end the fairly uneventful chapter.

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