Mafia 2 Cheats - Chapter 10: Room Service

Mafia 2 Cheats - Chapter 10: Room Service
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A Little Cleaning

We’ve got a big mission ahead of us. Get dressed and get a good car. I actually suggest that you grab the Frigate in the driveway and park it in the garage so that you’ll have it for a later. Take it back out and drive to Joe’s apartment.

Well, this is a big mission. Don’t worry about getting ammo. You can’t bring your own guns anyway. Go downstairs and grab Joe’s car. Since it’s full of explosives, I suggest that you use the speed limiter and proceed to the objective carefully.

Swing around into the parking garage and park at the objective. Follow Joe up and note that the door is locked. Go through the open door on the left and walk past all the confused workers. Open up the first doors to reach the locked door. It won’t matter though, since our contact finally shows up as you approach.

Follow Joe and get your uniform. Walk out to the elevator and then clean up the mess to keep your cover. Go up in the elevator to reach the 18th floor and the conference room. That guy that we just saw being carried out made quite a mess, so that’s our excuse to get inside.

Follow this mobster and stay close. Some of Clemente’s men will recognize you if you stand near them too long. Keep an eye on your wanted meter just in case. Stick close to the mobster and follow him through the bar and into the conference room.

Help Joe cut the hole in the glass and then clean up the stains to keep your cover. Follow Joe out of the conference room and up the stairs to reach the roof. It seems like Clemente’s was worried about roof access though, since there’s a lot of men up here.

The Hotel Rooftop

Mafia 2 Walkthrough - The Hotel Rooftop and the Window Washing Machine

Our only option is to shoot through them. Thankfully we have a really nice pistol.

Go through the door and run to the first bit of cover. Turn to the left and try to pop the guard on that side before he even realizes who you are. If you can, shoot the machine gunner on the catwalk. He won’t zero in on you for a bit, so if you can do it now it’s easy. Pop the two in the head on the ground and then get ready to move.

Follow Joe and watch for another guard running around the machinery. Turn the corner and watch the catway. Take cover behind the wall and shoot the gunner down, then wait for the guy on the ground to expose his head for a clean shot.

Move up to the actual rooftop and watch the door. Take cover behind the air conditioner and take out the two men that ran through the door. One of them has a tommy gun, so grab it. Just stick with the pistol now for accuracy though. Move along the roof. Another four shooters will show up. There should be three on the ground and one across from you with a tommy gun. As usual, try to take out the gunner quickly and then just mop up the people on the ground.

Keep going and you’ll make it to the window washing machine. Call the elevator up and wait for one unlucky worker. Tape him up after Joe gets him on the ground and then enjoy the ride down to the conference room. Go ahead and clean the window to keep up your cover while Joe messes with the bomb. Enjoy the cutscene once it’s done.

Chasing Clemente - The Conference Room

Mafia 2 Walkthrough - Chasing Clemente

As usual, it didn’t work out as planned. Joe will finish off the survivors, so just spare your ammo. Run up to the left side of the doorway and try to gun down the machine gunner before he gets to the piano. Go ahead and pull out your tommy gun. You should have picked up some ammo from the dead guys in the room. Note that you’re going to need all the firepower that you can get to make it past the guards.

Run up and get behind the bar. There are four guards with tommy guns and they’ll light up the bar pretty well. Try to pick off the one on the left first. Joe might get the one in the room with you on the right. For the other two, just return fire through the glass. Reload and pick up some more ammo from the dead gunners.

Watch the left side. One more should run out and kick over the table. Take cover on the door and lean to the left. Shoot through the glass and just blow away the table to take him out.

Take up a position on the left door and kick it in. Shoot the guy that Joe knocks down and just watch him throw the other gunman out the window. Follow him to the right and wait for the molotov to hit the middle of the hallway. Swing to the left and take cover on the hallway. Fire down the hallway to get the guy in the middle. Run down to reach the elevators and just miss Clemente.

Chasing Clemente - The Parking Garage

Wait for the elevator to come up. Don’t worry about the elevator. It just has one very confused maid in it. Get inside and rid it back down to the parking garage. Get your gun ready. A man with a shotgun will be waiting for you. Take him down and grab his shotgun. I actually liked it better than the tommy gun for the next part of the fight.

Move up and take cover by the door. Blast the guy on the ground and finish off the man on the catwalk. Turn to the left and get behind a machine. Once again, blast the guy on the ground and then hit the one on the catwalk.

Get to the next opening and take cover on the left. Make sure that no one takes up a position in the front. They’ll probably have an angle to shoot you if you let them get that close. Take out the guys on the catwalk and then pick off the ones on the ground. Carefully move up and go out the door to trigger the next scene.

Chasing Clemente - The Car Chase

Mafia 2 Cheats - Killing Clemente - The Car Chase

It’s too late for Marty, but we still have a mission to do. We need to take out Clemente’s limo. Just get close and let Joe fire away. He’s a good shot, so it won’t take long. Just try to stay close at the start and let Joe pick off the escort car’s gunner. You can gain ground by cutting the corners. The second corner even has a large gas station you can cut through to get right next to the limo. Just let him get a few good hits on the driver to pull up the final cutscene.

You actually won’t have to escape this one. It happens automatically. You’ll regain control outside of Joe’s apartment. Walk back out and get to your car. Just drive back home and go to bed. We’re not really done yet though.

Joe’s Mess

Mafia 2 Walkthru - Cleaing up Joes’ Mess - Hey Joe

Joe’s in a bit of a situation. Drive out to the Lone Star bar (we stole the car from there as our first mission). Go inside to trigger a rather unfortunate accident. We’ve got a bit of a cleanup to do now. Drag the bartender’s body through the back door to his car in the parking lot. Go to the trunk to automatically load it up.

Go ahead and put on the speed limiter for now. The police seem to be on a hair trigger close to the bar. Drive carefully back to Joe’s place and swing into the parking lot. Drop him off and then take the highway to the scrapyard. As long as you don’t speed or attract police attention, it will be easy. Pull the car into the car crusher (labeled Mike’s Beast). Just run up and use the control panel to scrap the car. This will dispose of the body discretely and net you around $400 for the default scrap payment.

There should be two cars by the crusher. Crush the one that you don’t want for some extra money, then drive the other back home. Going to bed this time will actually end the chapter.

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