Mafia 2 Guide - Chapter 6: Time Well Spent

Mafia 2 Guide - Chapter 6: Time Well Spent
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Welcome to Jail

We’ve been dealt a bit of a bad hand here. Just follow the cutscene until you regain control. Follow the guards up to your cell and sit down on your bed. You’ll jump forward a few days and wind up in the yard.

You need to find Leo Galante. You can talk to the guy standing by the bleachers at the start to find out where he is. Run over to the marked guy by the chess boards to run into an old friend.

You actually don’t have to beat O’Neill, but go ahead and try. He really packs a punch and can put you down fast. Keep up your dodge and counter with some hard hit combos to knock him down. See if you can keep this up. Either way, the fight gets broken up and you end up in the hole. After two days in solitary, you get to meet Leo.

Go ahead and get some fighter training from Leo. Counter Pepe’s punch and do it a few times to get the move down pat. We’re in a better position now. If you want to spare some more, talk to the guy by the punching bag.

Otherwise, try to leave. You’ll be stopped and dragged into another fight. Just follow his instructions. Use light combos to do some damage early and then put him down with some hard hits. You’ll go back to your cell for a few uneventful days.

Follow the guard out to find out that you’ve got the day off. Walk into the laundry room to get your next fight. He’s a big guy but he isn’t too tough. Use a few quick jabs to knock him around, use a few counter punches and then put him down with some hard hits. Use the new finishing move system to grab him and then finish him off.

Walk up to the guard to go see Frankie in the visitor’s area.

Don’t Drop the Soap

Mafia 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 6 - Prison Showers

When you regain control, follow the guard over to the bathrooms. Clean both urinals and then re-clean the first one after the guard uses it. Go out to the shower area to strip automatically, then step into the empty stream of flowing water. It seems that a few other inmates have some different plans, so we need to fend them off for a minute.

Start off with the big guy. He’s good at dodging the hard hits, so use light combos to drive him back and wear him out. Then grab him and put him down with a finishing move once he’s knocked around a bit. Turn and fight the second guy as he run toward you. Just use a few quick hits and hard hits to soften him up and take him down. The guards should come in right about now, so you should be home free for a little more bad news.

Fighting Brian O’Neill

When you get back out, you just have one mission left. Go into the gym and take on Brian O’Neill. He’s really tough and good at dodging. Try to stick to counter punches at first to wear him down. Land a few and then move up to light combos. After you wear him out, make sure to just grab him (you might not get a prompt the first time). Use some finishing moves to wear him out once. He’s not out just yet though. Block and use a few counter punches again when he gets back up. After a few light combos he’ll pull a shiv and the cutscene will take over. In just a few more uneventful years, we’re out and ready for some revenge.

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