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Mafia 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 9: Balls and Beans

by: Aaron R. ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

This is our big mission. Luca has been up to no good and probably kidnapped the accountant for the Falcone family. I'll help you tail Luca and then sneak into the slaughterhouse to save the day. If you need help rescuing Balls and Beans, then look here.

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    Tailing Luca

    Mafia 2 Walkthrough - Tailing Luca to the Clement Slaughterhouse Make sure that you’ve got some guns and a halfway decent car. Don’t worry about getting a really fast car. You don’t actually need a hot rod or anything. Just get something that you can handle well.

    Drive down to the bar and talk to Eddie. This is actually pretty serious. There’s a gang war about to erupt. Drive down to Freddy’s to trigger Luca’s escape. Just hang behind him and watch as he drives. You’re just following him for a little bit past the scrapyard. Don’t get too close or too far. Once he gets to the Clemente slaughterhouse, you’re set.

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    Sneaking into the Slaughterhouse

    InMafia Walkthrough - Sneaking Past the Slaughterhouse Guards and Finding the Prisoners  order to sneak into the slaughterhouse, walk over the fence and down to the sewer pipe. Follow it for a bit. You’ll get some sewage dumped on you, but there’s nothing you can do about it for now.

    Climb up the ladder at the end and then take cover behind the dumpster to hide from the guards that walk over to investigate the barking. Hang out for a moment to see the prisoners get led into the slaughterhouse.

    Once you’ve confirmed their position, you’re ready to take action. Climb up the dumpster and onto the pipes to get through the hole in the wall. Drop down and start sneaking to avoid waking up the sleeping worker. Move out to the hallway and watch carefully. You need to get to the end but there are guards blocking the way. You can’t be identified. Note that it doesn’t matter if they catch a glimpse of you. They’re like cops. They have to see you for a few seconds to actually register it. Watch your meter to see if you’ve been spotted. If it starts to fills, step back into cover quickly and wait. Restart if you fail.

    Move forward and use the pillars on the left side for cover. As you move up, you should see a butcher walk past. Wait a moment and then slip behind him and enter the freezer. Follow the next butcher out and work your way around to the slaughterhouse machinery on the right. Stick to cover to move along the machines and come out at the end. You should be able to go to the hallway unnoticed.

    Watch for the guard ahead to turn to the left, then hustle to the marked door and go through it. That will end the stealth portion.

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    Catching Luca

    TMafia II Walkthru - Catching Luca - Protecting Balls his will play out the same. You need to beat the big guy in a fistfight. He can do a lot of damage, but dying only means that you have to restart the fight, so you get a lot of chances. Stick to counter punches to wear him out a bit, then use a few light combos. Watch the bottom of the screen for potential finishing moves. We need to end this fight as soon as possible. Use a few hard hits if he’s staggered a bit and try to grab him as soon as possible.

    Once he’s down you’ll see the rest as a cutscene. When you regain control, shoot the remaining thug and wait for the bodyguard to finish off his man with a clever. Switch to the good stuff, if you have another weapon. Take cover by the bodyguard and watch the entrance. Three more guards with tommy guns will run up and fire. Try to take them down quickly, starting with the flanking guard on the left. Once the way is clear, wait for the bodyguard to free beans and walk out with him.

    Follow him out to the office and wait. While he’s trying to hack his way into the room, take cover. Two cars full of mobsters will pull into the parking lot with guns blazing. Try to gun them down with the tommy gun as they pull into the lot. The wall is great cover and the cars provide poor cover for his reinforcements. If one makes a run for the entrance on the left, gun them down. Hang on and pick them off as you go. If any made it to the cover on the left, swing around and flank them to flush them out.

    Walk back to the office to let our friend hack away at the door some more. After a few more failures, he’ll have you run back and help ram down the door. The rest is pretty much taken care of. Let Balls torture Luca to death and secure Beans.

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    Welcome to the Family

    Mafia 2 Walkthru - Take Luca's Car for Maximum Revenge in the Escape There are a few nice cars in the parking lot. Jump into one of them and follow the highway out to the Falcon bar. Report back to Eddie. He’ll reward you quite generously, but tell you to find clothes that smell a bit better.

    You can just go home and change, but I suggest that you just go to the clothing store and buy a new suit. You’ll want to look nice for tonight. Go back and report to Eddie. It seems that he has very good news. We’re going to become Made Men tonight.

    Watch the cutscene and wait for the chapter to come to an end.

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