Mafia 2 Help - Chapter 3: Enemy of the State

Mafia 2 Help - Chapter 3: Enemy of the State
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Work at the Docks - Derek Papalardo

Answer the phone to talk to your mother. It looks like we have to take care of a few things on the legit side. We need to see Mr. Papalardo.

Note that if your actual car is damaged or wanted, you can just quietly steal one off of the street. We just need to get from point A to point B and if you just lockpick it then no one should notice.

No trick to this one. Follow the line down to the warehouse. Park and go up the steps to speak to Mr. Papalardo. Note that playboy #18 is outside the office. You can follow Steve down to get an incredible job…yeah. Go ahead and load up one crate so that you can get sick of it. If you plan to try and finish it, note that they stack at least three high, so it will take awhile and there’s not an achievement yet.

Just run out the door as soon as you can to unlock the real job. Once they realize that you run with Joe, they’ll upgrade you to a little protection racket. You just have to collect a few dues from the men on the floor. That’s not too bad.

Go down the steps and talk to the first man by the bottom. He’ll need a little encouragement. Go ahead and take him down fast in the fist fight. Block quickly to avoid his opening combo, then dominate the fight with a few of your own. Once he’s down, he’ll give you the money.

Walk over and get the money from the two men by the boat. They’re already intimidated, so it’s easy. Once you get the third fee, a large worker will challenge you to a real fight.

Bill is a fairly tough fighter. You’ll need to actually try a bit to win this one. As usual, open with a dodge and see if you can get the momentum in your favor. The big trick is to watch for Bill to drop into the dodge position. If he pulls his fists up and starts blocking, you can’t keep punching. He’ll just dodge two of your hits and come back with a good counter. Go into a dodge yourself and take him out with a few hard hits to knock him on his heels and then keep up the momentum.

Once he’s down, the rest will cough up the money. Just go back to Derek and hand it in. He’ll give you an extra $50 for beating Bill in the fight.

The Gas Stamps - Driving Ms. Agnello

Mafia 2 Walkthrough - Maria Agnello

Joe also wants to see you, so hop back into your car and drive to the bar. Go up the steps and find Joe and your new mafia contact, Henry Tomasino. He’s giving us a real mission. We’re going to steal a bunch of gas stamps from the Office of Price Administration.

We first need to meet our contact. Just drive carefully to her apartment building. Again, we’ve got a lot of driving to do at the end of the chapter and a wanted poster isn’t going to help. Get to the apartment and then go inside. I believe her door is just the first on the left. Check the name tag to be sure. Note that Playmate #4 is on the ground in the corner by the entrance.

Talk to Maria Agnello and walk back out to your car. She’ll get in and insist that you turn on the speed limiter and drive carefully. She won’t get mad at crazy driving as long as you don’t speed. Follow the line right up to the hospital and drop her off. The Office of Price Adminstration is right across the street. Park next to the back alley that leads to the rear entrance.

Follow it back and climb through the window into the bathroom. Now, I’ll try to walk your through it and make sure that you get The Professional rating and the full $600. You have to do a few extra things to get the full reward and a silent robbery. Note that Henry Tomasino doesn’t mean that he just wants no deaths. He wants no police response and no shooting. You need to get in and out without an alarm or anyone knowing that you were there. You can still do stealth “kills” on the guards. It appears to just be a sleeper hold so it doesn’t count.

Stealing the Gas Stamps - The Professional Achievement

Mafia 2 Walkthrough - The Professional - Stealing the Gas Stamps

Go through the window and walk up to the double doors. There are three guards in here. Two are in the lobby, but one of them gets up as you enter to do the rounds on the other wing with the safe. There’s one already patrolling the top floor on our side. Crouch and go up the steps to the right. Wait for a moment for the guard to pass by the steps and turn to go to the balcony. Get behind him and do a stealth kill. Open the door to the Industrial Specialist on the left side and drag him in there. There’s also a playboy in here (playmate #5), so grab it.

Go into the director’s office and grab the keys off of his desk.

As you leave the director’s office, turn to the left (the right side as you were coming up the steps). This will take you around to the other wing. The guard up here is on his rounds, but he’s pretty easy to sneak up on. Just get behind him for a takedown. Don’t bother hiding the body.

Do not go for the safe just yet. The real danger is that there is a silent alarm on it (the blinking red light above it). Even if you have the keys, opening it will alert the remaining guard and trigger a police response. You should have no trouble sprinting out and escaping without returning fire, but it counts as a failure for Henry and you will only get $200. We need to kill the alarm.

Go down the steps and do a stealth kill on the guard in the chair. There’s a playboy on his table (playmate #40) so grab it. Walk to the left of the lobby and go through the double doors to reach the other side of the back entrance. Go to the end and go through the blue door to reach the maintenance area and the boiler room. The second door on the left should have the safe alarm panel inside. Disable it. There’s also a playboy in the next room over, so pick it up if you want (playmate #6).

You can actually escape through the coal shoot, since the double doors are now open, but there’s no reason to now that we’ve ensured a quiet exit.

Go back up the steps behind the security desk and open the door to the saferoom. Pick the lock on the cage and use the keys to open the safe and grab the gas stamps. Either pick the lock on the back door or go out the bathroom window to get back to the alley. Get in your car and drive the short trip back to Freddy’s to turn the stamps in and talk to Henry. There’s a problem though. The stamps are going to expire tomorrow, so we need to get rid of them.

Selling the Gas Stamps - Mail Man Achievement


Mafia 2 Achievement - Mail Man

here are eight gas stations we can hit, but only six are necessary. Note that driving fast isn’t actually the answer. You’ll probably just have more crashes and trigger a police response eventually for a hit and run. That’s much more of a time killer. I was driving a fast car for this one, but I kicked on the speed limiter and did just fine. I had about an sixth of the stopwatch left.

Go to the closest gas station first. Just open the map and set a player waypoint on it to get the route on your radar. Swing in between the pumps and the cashier, wait for the glass to unfog and then honk your horn to sell the stamps.

Go to the one just a bit north next, then the one on the bottom right. The one in the middle of the city is a good choice and then the one on the left side of the side. Once the five central ones are done, you have to pick an outlier. I did the one on the bottom left. The tunnel is considered a highway and traffic wasn’t bad. You should be able to finish it up with time left on the clock. After this is all done, you should have both The Professsional and Mail Man achievements.

*Note - You can just complete the chapter without getting all six. It just means that you get less money for yourself. It’s $35 a station for a non-professional robbery and $100 a station if you got in and out with no alarms.

Drive back to Joe’s apartment via the highway and park your car in back. Go back inside and sleep on the kitchen couch to end the chapter.

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