Mafia II Walkthrough - Chapter 4: Murphy's Law

Mafia II Walkthrough - Chapter 4: Murphy's Law
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Robbing the Jewelry Store - Reaching the Roof

This is actually a pretty quick one, especially after the last mission. Get dressed and drive down to Freddy’s bar when you’re ready. Check your ammo though. You’ll need a good gun for this mission since there will actually be a real and unavoidable firefight. I still had the shotgun and that made a few parts really easy. Make sure that you have enough ammo for a good fight. You won’t be able to pick much up, so you need to have plenty of your own supply. Talk to Henry and Joe to arrange the next mission and then head on out with Joe in your new uniform.

Drive down to the mall and park your car somewhere. It doesn’t matter where, since you won’t be able to retrieve it after the mission anyway. Pick the lock on the jewelry store and step inside. Like the title warns, Murphy’s Law is in full force tonight. Brian o’Neill and his gang are doing a far less subtle robbery. We need to get out of here.

Run down the mall with Joe and just keep sprinting. Don’t turn to fire. The police are coming and they’ll engage the gangsters pretty well. Run to the first exit to see two police cars cut it off. Follow Joe into the next store. Run down to the locked door and take cover behind the wall partition.

Shoot any of the gangsters that try to get to Joe. The shotgun is great here but a pistol or revolver will work fine. Pick off a few and quickly run up the steps with Joe until you make it to the top. When he stops to pick the lock, turn around, draw a weapon and aim at the stairs below you. One cop should run up. He’s pretty deadly at this range, so try to put a few rounds in him quickly.

Robbing the Jewelry Store - Escaping

Mafia 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 4: Murphy’s Law - Escaping

Run forward to the ledge and let Joe go out on it. You can’t go until the cops are off your back. Shoot at the first two from cover and then pick off the third that runs up. You should actually go across the ledge.

Run forward and take cover. Three more cops show up on the other rooftop. The one on the far right has a shotgun and has a good angle to hit you. Take him out fast and pick off the other two from cover. Advance with Joe and make it to the next area.

He’ll need to pick this lock too, so take cover on the wall and look to the far left. The cop on the left has a shotgun, so take him out quickly or he’ll drop you. Pick off the two close ones and then make a run for the stairs.

You don’t have much further to go. Just keep moving and make it to the fire escape. Follow Joe down to make it out of the mall and get your share of the money. It should be $1,000, which is a good payday. Note that you aren’t home free. You’re still wanted and you have a level 4 warrant out. That means shoot on sight with shotgun and tommy gun reinforcements. Since we can’t make it to a good car either, that’s basically a death sentence.

I suggest you run to the first available car and pick the lock. Get inside and drive to the right of the police blockade at the mall entrance. If you swing wide they shouldn’t see you. They have to be pretty close to spot you, since the car itself isn’t wanted. That said, any minor issue or accident is probably going to trigger a full police response. Just go a few blocks up to the right of the blockade and you should see a clothing store on the left. If worse comes to worse, just run around and try to make it to an alley to lose your wanted rated. Get into the clothing store and buy a new outfit to ditch your wanted posted.

With that taken care of, it’s a simple drive back to Joe’s apartment. Go inside and go to sleep to end the chapter.

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