Mafia II Walkthrough - Chapter 14: Stairway to Heaven

Mafia II Walkthrough - Chapter 14: Stairway to Heaven
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An Old Friend

Walk down the back entrance to meet up with Joe and get into a very nice car. We’ve got a very quick hit to start out the day and earn some easy money. Since you need $27,500 by the end of the day, that’s a good thing.

Drive over to the marked house and step out to trigger the hit. For players who didn’t play the first Mafia game, this is just Mafia 2’s reference to the it. You’ll automatically get the achievement for “The Mafia Never Forgets.”

There was an FBI security detail though, so it’s not completely easy. We need to lose the tail and get rid of our wanted level, since the agent will radio in the kill. I’ve had this play out several ways on Hard difficulty.

If you want a quick solution, drive away for about a block and then slam the brakes and let them ram you. Joey might be able to take out their guy riding shotgun, which will remove most of the threat that they pose. A lot of the officers also seem to be alone at the start (until reinforcements with heavy weapons start rolling in) so once the FBI agent is dead, you’re home free. Let Joe finish them off and just drive away from the wrecked cop cars to lose the tail.

You can also do this the safer way. Floor it and watch the left side. You should be able to go down a few blocks and then swing a hard left and go through the backyards of all these nice houses. Curve in and out of the yards to put a lot of obstacles between you and your tail and you should be able to lose them.

The car unfortunately will probably be wanted now, so ditch it for something clean. Drive Joe the short distance to his car in Kingston and pull off into the lot. He’ll get out and drive away to earn his half of the money.

Helping Derek Papalardo

Our best option is to get some work from Derek Papalardo. Make the long drive down to the docks and walk up to his office. He’ll pay you for a quick enforcement deal, except it won’t go so well. Our loyalties have shifted a little bit.

Killing Derek Papalardo - The Battle at the Docks

Mafia 2 Guide - Killing Derek and Steve at the Docks

I absolutely hate the battle at the dockyards. It’s missing an autosave in the middle, so be very careful if you don’t want to repeat the battle at least 10 times.

Pull out a shotgun and move down the docks. Get behind the stack of crates and start firing. Don’t worry about Vinnie and his workers. They have fairly scripted deaths as they move down the docks and aren’t a big help. Their biggest assistance is that they tend to mark enemies for you with their pistol fire. Keep

Just use the first stack of crates for cover and then clear out the first five men on the dock. Move up and to the right and get behind the next set of crates. If you can, try to kill Steve now. It’s okay if you don’t, but it’s nice to have him out of the way.

Some reinforcements will pull up in a nice car at the end of the dock. Just use a pistol or a rifle to put some fire in their direction. Try not to blow the car up though. That’s probably going to be our ride home.

If Steve is still alive, follow him to the right through the crates. There should be one more guard with a tommy gun to the far right side. The workers can occasionally kill him, but you have to watch out. He can take you out really quick if he gets the drop on you. Chase Steve forward and try to pin him down on the crates.

If he makes it further away, he should stop and make a last stand at the door. Just take cover behind some crates and pick him off. Make sure that you grab a tommy gun before heading inside the warehouse.

Killing Derek Papalardo - The Warehouse Fight

Mafia 2 Cheats - Chapter 14 - Killing Derek in the Warehouse

Equip a good machine gun and get ready. There are two men with tommy guns on the second floor and a few men on the ground floor that will try to flush you out. Derek will also throw a steady stream of molotovs at you. These can actually cause a lot of steady and light damage. A direct hit is also possible, so stay alert and be ready to move.

There are two good strategies. You can sprint across the floor and run and gun to kill the two men on the floor. Take cover under the balcony and Derek won’t be able to hit you with molotovs. You should be able to just wait and draw the men out. If they run down the stairs, then you can easily pick them off. Once the two gunners are dead, run up the steps and take out Derek.

You can also use the barrels for cover (the pillar should block the molotovs) and quickly pick off the men on the ground with the tommy gun. Take out his gunners with a few quick bursts and rush up the stairs. Get into Derek’s office and use the back doorway for cover. You can fire through the window and around the door to take out any remaining men. You should also be able to nick Derek in the head if you shoot diagonally with short burst. Aim low and let the recoil carry you up to the head.

Regardless of how you kill Derek, do not just run out. Take cover and wait. Three men should run up the stairs after you. They just have pistols and aren’t a big threat, but they’ll easily kill you if you aren’t expecting them, which means you go all the way back to the start.

When they die and the warehouse is finally clear, Vito will get an official objective to search Derek’s office. Grab the cash on his desk to get a little over 22 grand from Derek’s retirement fund. This should trigger the autosave and officially take you past the battle.

A Little More Money

Mafia 2 Walkthrough - Robbing a Clothing Store to Get Money for Bruno

Walk out the door and down to the docks. The workers will handle the cops, so you’re free to steal the car that the reinforcements used. You’re probably a little short of $27,500, so you need to earn a little more money.

You can rob stores or crush cars. Bruski’s yard is pretty far away, but it’s also close to Joe’s apartment (where we’ll go at the end). You can crush whatever car you have now, another car from the yard and then use the third car to go a street or two over and steal a few more. Robbing stores is a little more fun and it’s what I did.

Go into the gun store right by the docks and quickly blast the clerk (he’ll pull out a shotgun too, so be ready to fire). Steal some guns and ammo from the desk and then rob the register to get about $650. If you holster your weapon and walk out before the patrol comes by to investigate, then you might get away without a wanted level. If not, shoot the responding officer and lose any tails in the narrow alleys by the docks.

I suggest that you then go to a clothing store nearby. Note that if there’s a man in a suit just standing around watching the customers, that’s a security guard who will shoot you. He’s a priority. Take cover behind the counter and shoot the clerk. Rob the register for a little over a hundred dollars and grab a new shirt to change your description. If the police respond, then just hole up in the store and kill all the cops that respond. Eventually you’ll have taken out all the responders and your wanted level will fall quickly. Grab a new suit and it’s like nothing happened.

Gas stations don’t have much money. If you can, stick to gun stores and clothing stores. After a few robberies you should have the money. Drive to Joe’s apartment and ring the doorbell to trigger the cutscene.

Finding Joe

It seems like Joe is missing. Drive down to Falcon to talk to Eddie. It seems like things aren’t going so well, but Eddie doesn’t have anything to say. Drive over to Giuseppe’s to find out that Joe got grabbed by Vinci’s men. We don’t have much of a choice in this one. Drive over to the Mona Lisa bar to try and figure out what happened. They’ll take you to Joe’s holding location at the top of their latest construction project.

Saving Joe - A Little Stealth

Mafia 2 Walkthrough - Stealth Kills in the Construction Site

Once Vito and Joe break free, you have a pretty simple move to make. Grab the revolver off of the ground and proceed to clear off this level. Sneak up to the first guard on the left and use the context queue to knock him off of the building. Move down a bit further to do a stealth kill on the patrolling guard. Move over to the stairs and push this guard off too. That’s about all you can do for stealth though. Pull out your revolver and get ready to fight.

Saving Joe - The Construction Site Battle

Mafia 2 Walkthrough - The Construction Site Lobby Fight - Saving Joe in Chapter 14

Go around the corner and try to take out at least one of the three guards below. Move back and forth on the stairs to clear them out. Move down the steps with Joe and quickly shoot the few fleeing men. Move across the floor and use cover to take out a few men behind the equipment.

The next step is the series of drywall rooms. Note that the drywall isn’t bulletproof, so cover isn’t worth that much. Try to shoot quickly and don’t be afraid to shoot through the walls. Check the left side as you go for one man that will try to slip in behind you, but otherwise keep clearing the path to there’s no trick to this. Just shoot well and shoot fast while trying to stay in cover. You should make it to the steps.

Go down the steps and keep your weapon aimed. You need to aim toward the landing and be ready to fire quickly. This should basically be your rearming stop though. You should end up with a shotgun, a rifle and a few other nice guns by the time you reach the bottom.

They’ll set the main path to the right on fire, so you’ll need to jump over the table with Joe and take cover in the middle of the construction area. Stay in cover and use your shotgun to pick them off as best as you can. Once again, there’s no real trick. You just have to survive and work your way to the next set of stairs. Follow them down to the lobby and try to pick up a tommy gun along the way.

Move over to a stone pillar and take cover. Once again, there’s no trick to this one. There are a lot of guys with machine guns and they’re very accurate. Just watch the left side at first and wait for men to pop out from cover. When they do, lean out and give them a quick burst. Rinse and repeat until the first three are dead. Now it’s time to clean up any survivors on the right that Joe didn’t get. Make sure that you watch the stairs too, since one or two might try to run up and flank you. Joe will usually take care of them, but you can’t be sure of it.

Once the floor is pretty clear, move down the stairs, but keep your gun aimed as you round the corner. There should be another two men at the foot of the stairs underneath your balcony. Gun them down fast and take cover by a pillar. There should be another straggler or two left on the. Just watch for them. If you don’t have an objective to leave the lobby, then one of them is still alive. Go up the other staircase and flush out whoever’s still alive over there.

Once everyone is dead, you can walk out the main doors to leave the construction site with Joe.

Steal a car and take Joe to El Greco. It’s not timed this time around, so there’s no rush. Just drive through his gate to trigger the cutscene. Joe will give you his share of the money. If you spent any of yours, then you’ll have to crush a few cars or rob a store or two to get it back above $55,000. The scrapyard isn’t far away and there is a clothing store at the bottom of the hill. Just do what you have to do and then drive to Bruno’s. Drop off the money and head home to finish off the chapter.

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