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Mafia 2 - Raiding Mr. Wong's Lab

by: Aaron R. ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

We're on a mission of revenge for this one. We need to kill Mr. Wong and try to get our money back from his hideout at the Red Dragon. I'll walk you through the long firefight in the restaurant and the stealth section in the drug lab and finish off with instructions for a clean escape.

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    Revenge - A Little Prep Work

    Mafia 2 Walkthrough - The Red Dragon and Mr. Wong Answer the fun and then head out the door. It’s just a usual day to start off with. Get Joe and drive over to the park to meet up with Henry. Things didn’t turn out so well for him. For now, just tail Mr. Wong. Our car is actually a lot faster, so just make sure that you don’t get too close to him. He’ll eventually walk into the Red Dragon.

    If you want, then you can go to Harry’s or another gun store and buy some more firepower, but you can probably scavenge anything that you need.

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    Raiding the Red Dragon - Restaurant

    Mafia 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 13 - The Red Dragon When you’re ready, go through the door to start the fight. Get behind the fish tank and fire into the room. The bartender with the shotgun is a priority, but make sure that you hit other gangsters if they present the opportunity. The fish tank is pretty good for cover, so just pick them off and run across the floor. Get behind the bar and grab the shotgun (or its ammo) and pull it out for a little room clearing. There are few more guards left in the restaurant portion. Watch the left for gunners. Fire through the windows to blow away their cover and take them out. You should be able to just pick off the men above you. Joe will call out how many are left and give you a notice for the all clear.

    Move forward and hit the kitchen. Turn to the left and blast the cook in red. He’ll pull a pistol and he can probably kill you quickly at this range. Take cover on the counter and fire at the cooks behind the blockade. You don’t want them to flank you in the next hallway, so take them out now.

    Go through the hallway on the left and use the corner for cover. Take out the two men in the hallway and then move down it. Open the door in back and use the doorway for cover. Kill the man on the stairs and take out the guy on the ground. Move out carefully and turn around. There's just one man above you. Kill him and go through the door. You should wind up in an opium den. Just walk through it past all the drugged out customers and make it to the elevator in back. Press the button and go down to the labs below.

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    Raiding the Red Dragon - The Drug Labs

    Mafia 2 Walkthru - Sneaking Through the Red Dragon - Less Satisfying Than a Grenade in a Crowded Elevator Joe recommends stealth and it is a good idea to keep it quiet for the beginning. There are two guards here. The one facing the elevator will walk away in a few seconds, so drop into a crouch and walk behind the remaining guard. Do a stealth kill and move up.

    Let Joe catch up and go into the hallway. Use the corner for cover and Joe should receive his trigger to run up and do a takedown on the remaining guard. Sneak over to the room the guard was in for a lot of loot. There’s a grease gun and a lot of ammo, along with molotovs and grenades. Pick up as much as you can and get into cover on the wall. Look out into the drug lab and open fire.

    The shotgun should dominate these workers, especially since most just have pistols. Move up and use the side room on the left for more cover, but watch for the elevator in back. 4 tough guards are on their way up. Try to run up to cover and toss a molotov or grenade by the elevator to blow them up as they step out. If not, just stay down and try to blast them quickly with the shotgun before they gun you down.

    Use the elevator to make it down to the main office. Walk over and go through the door to catch up with Mr. Wong.

    After the meeting is over, go back up the elevator to the drug lab. Walk through the lab and go up the stairs that are now unlocked to come out of the side entrance.

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    Raiding the Red Dragon - Escaping the Police Blockade

    Mafia II Walkthrough - Red Dragon - Getting Past the Police Blockade in Chapter 13 There’s a big police firing line that’s just waiting to cut you down. Part of this depends on luck, since lucky shots from the firing line will take you down no matter what. You can’t run across the street or toward the firing line and you really don’t stand a chance against that much firepower. Run out and turn to the left. Smash a window on a car on this side of the street and just get inside. The minor protection from the car is better than nothing.

    Hopefully the police managed to cause a lot of collateral damage. There should be at least a few wrecked cars and possibly even a destroyed gas tanker in the middle. The police themselves are boxed in and have now created a lot of obstacles. Swing out through the wreckage and go down a block or two. You should actually be able to just turn to the left and swing into an alley or parking lot. Wait for a moment for the wanted level to die off, then ditch the car for a clean one. The wanted poster won’t matter much, since we won’t be walking around anywhere.

    Drive Joe back to his apartment to end the chapter on a bit of a down note.


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