Mafia 2 Guide - Wake Up Call - Saving Leo Quietly

Mafia 2 Guide - Wake Up Call - Saving Leo Quietly
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Saving Leo Galante Quietly - Reaching Leo’s House in Time

Get dressed and answer the door to find Henry Tomasino alive and well. Talk to him for a bit and drive him down to the Falcon bar. Eddie will be pretty open to the idea and he’s got a new mission for you. It seems that he wants Henry to kill Leo Galante. That doesn’t really seem right, so we’re going to have to warn Leo.

This is actually one of the few tough time trials. The real secret is to hit a high speed on the two straight roads and avoid head on collisions and police attention on the curvy parts. There’s no real trick. I also made it on the speed limiter, but I couldn’t get up the hill in time.

Run out and steal a car from the front. Don’t pick the lock, just smash the window and start driving. Move down the road as quickly as possible and honk your horn to make the other cars give you room. Even if the cops spot you, you can probably just keep going to outrun them.

Watch for the turn and make sure that you slow down enough to make it. Get onto the second straight road and get back to top speed. Keep a close eye out for the turn. It’s a tight one and it’s easy to overshoot, which costs a lot of time. Go a little slow on the next few parts past the hospital. There’s a lot of traffic and the roads are a little curvy. Swing up the hill and keep the pedal to the metal, but stay in your lane. A crash here will basically ruin you. Cut through the grass to get to the neighborhood and slow down enough to make it through the gate. Jump out and sprint up to the door to get inside in time.

Saving Leo Galante Quietly - Escaping


Mafia 2 Walkthrough - Leo Galante - Wake Up Call

enry’s already here and ideally we can slip away with him seeing us. So let’s get started. It’s actually not that hard once you know what to do. Don’t bother sneaking either. It won’t help. Run forward and open the door to the balcony. You’ll see the garage and a few fast cars below. Leo will explain that you can get some sheets to make a rope from the laundry basket. Go back inside and stick to the rooms. Do not go to the hallway. Turn to the left and continue moving in a circle. Quickly move through the game room and get to the small closet area off of the bedroom. Don’t bother entering the bedroom itself. Look at the basket on the ground by the door and grab the sheets. You will automatically go back and escape off the balcony. You will also get the achievement, Wake Up Call, at the end.

The tense part is over, so just carefully drive down to the marked train station and drop Leo off. You can go slow or wait in the parking lot if you want to hear the end of the conversation. Just go home after that.

We’re not done with chapter 11 though.

Helping Frankie

Frankie is distraught on the steps, so talk to her. Her husband’s cheating on her and getting a little abusive, so we need to sort him out. Drive over to the marked apartment building and step inside. Note that the door appears to be a little to the left of the marker.

Walk up the steps until you see a drunk man open a door and pass out. Walk past him to enter the party. Eric is in the kitchen with another girl. Talk to him twice to trigger a fight. Just keep up your block and get a counter punch to knock him off balance, then use quick combos to bring him down fast.

Walk out and drive back home. Answer the phone to see that Frankie didn’t appreciate your rough treatment. Not much that we can do about that though. You can go to bed to advance the chapter, but we’re still not done.

A Burning Sensation

Mafia II Walkthrough - The Irish Burning Down Vito’s House - Chapter 11

Our friends are back and they’re trying to burn us out. Run into the bathroom and jump out the window. I did this on Hard difficulty and only failed a few times, so it’s not too hard once you get the rhythm. Run around the building and sprint up to the shooter. Punch him three times to knock him down and grab his revolver.

Equip it and continue around to the corner. Check for another shooter on the wall and take him out if he’s here. The men will use the pool and other corner for cover, so just keep firing and try to pick them off with the revolver. Watch your back though. A man with a grease gun will come up behind you and use the garage for cover. Go back around the corner and gun him down too. This should trigger the police response. You’re not wanted at the moment, so let’s keep it that way. Holster the weapon and pick up another pistol and the grease gun off of the ground on the right side. Move down the street to the right and steal a car.

Just drive to Joe’s place. You should know the route by now. Go upstairs and ring the doorbell three times to finally get Joe’s attention. Talk to him and get the game plan straight. Put on one of Joe’s shirts and then get ready to roll. Walk out the back exit and jump into his car in the garage.

Killing Micky Desmond - End of the Rainbow

Drive out to the gan

Mafia II Guide - End of the Rainbow - Killing Micky Desmond

g’s bar and go inside. You’ll find Mickey Desmond and start the battle. The bartender has a MP40, so try to take him out before he gets to cover. See if you can pop the other two from your initial cover too. Be careful, since I have had someone from the street run in before, so watch your back. Go behind the bar and use it for cover and flush out anyone who may be on the other side. Go ahead and steal some alcohol or coffee to heal up and rob the cash register. There’s no reason not to do it.

Use the corner of the bar for cover and look down the hallway. There’s a man covering the back exit with a grease gun. Wait for him to have to reload and then pick him off. Go out the rear exit. Go ahead and fire a few times at the tires to see if you can give Mickey Desmond a flat. Then sprint to your car and jump in. You’ll probably have a police tail, but Joe usually takes care of them. They also seem to get stuck pretty easily. Quickly gun it and stick close to the car. If you can stay within range, he should get caught by traffic soon. Just swing by and ram him. Joe will fire a few rounds into the car and he should hit the gas tank to bring the whole affair to a close. Note that if you lose him, you can complete the mission, you just won’t get the achievement, End of the Rainbow.

Drive Joe back home. He’ll jump out in front of his building and give you the key to Marty’s old place. Drive down to Oyster Bay. The front of the building is wrecked, so go in through the rear entrance. Just use the bed to end this fairly long chapter.

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