Mafia II Walkthrough - Chapter 15: Killing Carlo Falcone at the Planetarium

Mafia II Walkthrough - Chapter 15: Killing Carlo Falcone at the Planetarium
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Killing Carlo Falcone - Entering the Planetarium

It’s the big finale. We also don’t have to actually drive anywhere to get the briefing for once. You’ll automatically meet up with Leo Galante and be dropped off on the street with a final mission. Steal a car and take the long road up to the planetarium and park in the parking lot. Run over to the far side of the building and approach the gate to trigger your big entrance. The firefight is in full swing now, so I hope that you’re ready.

Run forward and take cover on the garden wall in the center. Pull out a tommy gun or a SMG and gun down the men running down the steps. Just keep up the fire and they should go down fast. Watch carefully though. If one jumps over the railing on the right side, he’s going to come around the side and show up just a few feet in front of you. Be ready to gun him down. Watch for a surviving gunner at the top of the steps while you move up.

For this long walkway, you need to repeat a very simple action. Take cover on the outcropping on the left side, look down the balcony for guards and fire on the men that attack. Rinse and repeat this simple trick as you move down the line. It’s slightly too cautious, but it will prevent any cheap deaths and unnecessary restarts. Once you make it to the end, you’ll reach the actual planetarium.

Curve inside and look into the lobby area. Take out the first guard on the corner and look at the upper balcony. You can partially see a guard’s hat, so see if you can score a headshot. Move up to the next doorway and look above the chandelier. There’s a guard up there who will use the height to fire down upon you. Just put a few rounds in him and watch him fall down.

Move up but watch the door to the left. There should be one more gangster there. Mow him down and approach the stairs. Walk up to the stairs and watch for a second. A grenade should land at the top. Run back inside and wait for the explosion. There are two mobsters above us and they’re just waiting to gun Vito down as soon as he surfaces. Just wait a second and they’ll run down the steps into a very neat kill zone. Take them out.

Use the right side of the stairwell for cover and come out the top while watching the guards behind the machinery. There should be two guards over there, so pick them off. Run up to their cover and get down. Another few men should run toward Vito’s new cover. Just gun them down and run to the glowing door. Go inside to hit an autosave and reach the interior of the planetarium.

Killing Carlo Falcone - The Planetarium Interior

Mafia 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 15: Per Aspera Ad Astra

Move down the stairs and pull out the drum feed tommy gun. There’s plenty of ammo for it and it works well for this area. Don’t actually go into cover at the bottom of the steps. Just stand there and look out for a moment. One guard will always run through the doorway and attack you at point blank range. It’s hard to hit him from cover, but easy if you wait by the steps. Jump into cover once he’s dead and pick off the rest of the men in the room. Move up and use the display cases in the center for cover.

Move up a bit further and watch for more guards coming in through the next room. Take cover again and gun them down quickly. Keep moving up until you get to the corner and use it to pick off the last men that come through as the third wave. Once the room looks clear, move forward and look to the right. Gun down the man with the shotgun guarding the door.

Step through the double doors to reach Carlo Falcone.

Killing Carlo Falcone - The Final Battle


Mafia 2 Guide - Finish Him Achievement - Killing Carlo Falcone

fter the fight starts, you need to get ready for a tense and fairly random fight. It seems like the enemy spawns are random, so I can’t help too much. Use a shotgun to save time. It’s quick to reload and you just have to point in the shooter’s general direction to take them out. It’s much easier and it’s perfect for taking out people trying to flank you.

The initial cover is fairly fine. I suggest that you just use it, since there isn’t a “better” spot. The whole place is a nightmare. Carlo’s shouting usually signals a new wave of two or four men. Just keep an eye on the stairs behind you to the left and the rows to the right. If you stay observant and stick to cover, then you should be fine. The row behind you should give you fair cover against, flankers, so you should be able to spin around in time to take them down.

After about four waves, Carlo Falcone himself will attack with a tommy gun. Wait for him to settle in the center and then inch out to the right. Put a few bursts into him each time he leans out and he’ll go down fast.

Once he’s dead, just walk out of the planetarium with Joe to finish the game.

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