Mafia 2 Walkthru - Chapter 12: Sea Gift - The Dope Deal

Mafia 2 Walkthru - Chapter 12: Sea  Gift - The Dope Deal
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The Dope Deal - A Little Legwork

We’ve got a pretty big potential deal on our hands. Make sure that you have a few good guns with some ammo and then steal a car and meet Henry at the park (you can take one from the garage, but if you’re like me you won’t have the money to repair it. We’ll probably ditch it away.

Drive to the park and walk out to the bench to talk to Henry and Joe. We’re going to take a quick and risky deal for this one. Drive out to the loan shark and go down the back alley to reach the secured entrance. After you get the money, just safely drive to the Sea Gift warehouse. You’ll automatically pull into the spot. Follow the man back into the office to make the deal.

Walk down the alley to get a bit of a surprise though.

The Dope Deal - Escaping


Mafia 2 Walkthru - The Firefight at the Sea Gift Warehouse

looks like someone is trying to steal our shipment. Pull out your pistol and go to the left for cover. Joe will take care of the reinforcements in the car and the remaining officer in the alley, but it will also seal it off.

Go up the steps and down the catwalk. You can stop to engage them if you want, but I suggest that you go through the door to the next area. You can stop to engage again, but don’t wait too long. There’s not much good cover up here. Kick in the door and get into the next warehouse. Use the crates to pick off a few men on the floor and then run down with Henry and Joe. Stick to the left side. It has much better cover and you’ll be able to perfectly flank the two men in back with grease guns. Grab their ammo and pull out your own grease gun to clear up the exit.

Step outside to hit the autosave point and take cover by some crates. When the two cars pull in with reinforcements, use the grease gun to spray the back of the first car until you hit the gas tank. The blast should kill most of the men. Carefully watch the gaps in the truck for stragglers and work your way down. Get into the surviving car and drive out of the gate.

We’re still not home free yet. There’s a car chase and it depends on a bit on luck, especially on Hard difficulty. They might just get a bunch of good shots at the start and kill you. Just restart a few times until you get a bit more lucky. Pull away to the left and try to just drive straight while Henry and Joe fire at them. Don’t worry about following the map perfectly. We can drive there just fine once we lose the tail. Try to swing around a few tight turns and just lose them in traffic.. If you feel like taking a risk, you can also just slam the brakes and hope that Henry and Joe guy down the shooters quickly. I’ve had that work before right off the bat, even on Hard, but it depends on luck. You can also pull into a lot and wait for them to come. You can then just light them up normally and jump back in your car.

Lose the police tail, if you have one, and then make sure your way to the warehouse to start up a good cutscene and a number of good deals.

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