Mafia 2 Walkthrough - Playboy Locations - Part 1

Mafia 2 Walkthrough - Playboy Locations - Part 1
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Mafia 2 - Playboy Centerfolds

Mafia 2 bought the rights to use a playboy images for some unique collectibles in the game. There are 50 playboy magazines in Mafia 2. They are spread throughout 14 of the 15 chapters and getting all 50 nets you the “Ladies Man” achievement. If you’d like some help finding these playboy magazines in Mafia 2, then just look here. I’ll try to give you good directions to help out.

Note that most of these playboy images feature nudity. This article will be family friendly/safe for work and I am sure that only people of the appropriate age will access this adult content inside the game.

Mafia 2 Playboy Locations - Chapter 1-4

Chapter 1: There are no playboys in war torn Italy. Just get through the mission as normal.


Chapter 2: Just two playboys in chapter 2.

Playboy #1 is sitting on Joe’s table in the apartment. Just grab it on your first visit.

There is another over at Mike’s Garage. After you finish shooting up the car, look to the left. There’s a big garage on the left. Walk up to it and go through the office on the left side. The playboy is behind a rack in the middle of the little office. This is Playboy #3.

Chapter 3: There are five playboys in chapter 3.

Playboy #18 is right outside Derek’s office at the docks. Pick it up when Steve takes you down to load the crates.

Playboy #4 is in Maria Agnello’s apartment building. It’s just inside the entrance in a dark corner.

Playboy #5 is at the Office of Price Adminstration (For the Gas Stamps Mission). The office across from the Director’s Office is the Industrial Specialist Office. Go inside and grab the playboy from a desk on the right side.

Playboy #40 is also in the OPA. It’s on the main security desk in the lobby. You’ll have to take out the sitting guard first. Grab it on the way to disable the silent alarm.

Playboy #6 is also in the OPA. You can grab this one when you disable the silent alarm. It’s in the room next to the alarm in the basement. Just go inside and look for it on the floor next to a freestanding rack.

Chapter 4: There are 4 playboys in Chapter 4, but they are all part of the main mission.

Mafia 2 Playboy Magazine Locations

As soon as you get through the first locked door (you have to cover Joe), dash to the right and look at the big box of playboys. You can grab Playboy #9 from here.

In just a few more steps, you’ll get the second. Once you go up the first little set of steps, you’ll reach the next set with a view of the front door. Playboy #2 is under the steps.

Note that by stopping to grab these two, you’ll probably allow one of the cops to run up behind you. Be ready to turn and shoot him if you take this detour.

You’re good for a bit. Once you cross the rooftops and get back inside the mall, slow down. There’s another playboy lying on the floor by a rack. Grab it while you move out to the fire escape. This is playboy #8

The last one is available as you go back to Joe’s place. When you pull in through the back, use the front entrance and grab the playboy off of the ground. It’s by the locked wooden gate to the basement. This is playboy #7

Mafia 2 Playboy Locations Chapter 6-8

Chapter 5: There are three playboys in this chapter, although they’re not in the same positions as the demo. Note that they are all tied to the brewery assassin though.

Playboy #11 is above your starting point with the machine gun. When they run downstairs, go upstairs and grab the playboy magazine lying on the floor.

Mafia 2 Playboy Magazine Locations

Playboy #10 is on the first floor of the brewery. It’s in the office on one of the racks. Grab it after you cleared the floor. Note that the office is basically sealed off by the fire on your way out, so grab it now.

Playboy #12 is just past the fat man on the fourth floor. After he gets killed walk past him and look at the back corner. Pick up the magazine while Joe picks up Harry.

Chapter 6: It sems that a few playboys made it into prison. There are 3 inside.

Two are in the prison yard. Make sure that you don’t go to Leo’s position, since that makes you leave the yard.

Playboy #13 is off to the right side of the starting point. It’s behind a small bleacher to the right. Look for the sleeping prisoner on the ground.

Playboy #14 is just off of the basketball court. Go across it and look for the big shed. There’s a little niche on the far side of the shed. Grab the playboy off of the ground.

Playboy #15 is in the laundry area. When you go in for the fight on your work day, just win the fight. Before you talk to the guard, look to the left side. It’s sitting on top of a sink/washing machine.

Chapter 7: There are playboys in this reunion chapter and one involves one heck of a drive.

Playboy #50 is at the top of Joe’s apartment building. Don’t just follow him out. Go up the steps until you reach the top. Grab the playboy.

Playboy #17 is literally right in your path. It’s on an end table on the second floor of your new apartment building.

Playboy #16 is a tough one. It’s all the way over at Harry’s Military Surplus store. I don’t believe it’s there earlier (post in the comments if I’m wrong). When you get the car to go buy a suit, make the long drive and go inside. Walk down the steps and pick up the playboy. It’s at the foot of the steps.

Chapter 8: There are four playboys in chapter 8.

Playboy #19 is in the foundry. It’s after the first cutscene when you move past the blockade of cars (and one tries to run you down). Move to the shack on the left and look for it on top of a drum.

Mafia 2 Walkthrough - Playboy Locations

Playboy #21 is also in the foundry. After you fight the first group in the new area, move forward to the corner and follow the tracks. After the tracks end, watch the left side for a playboy.

Playboy #20 is the one you’ll probably miss. After you pick up #21 and officially end the battle, walk toward your allies at the gate, but don’t go to them and trigger the meeting. Walk to the left under the stairs and into the little camp. It’s under the cot in back.

Playboy #46 is potentially on your kitchen table when you go back home after the mission. Note that some players have reported seeing it after they came home in chapter 7 (Skipping the cutscene ending the chapter for me, so I’m not sure).

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