The Top 5 Organized Crime Video Games

The Top 5 Organized Crime Video Games
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The Best Crime Simulation Games

Car chases, violent shootouts and gang battles, these are the key ingredients of good organized crime video games you find these days. Living a Don’s or a Hitman’s life in the virtual world is every action gamers dream, and that’s why games like Mafia, Grand Theft Auto or Hitman: Codename 47 was developed—to give a taste of what’s it like to be one.

These games are extremely violent and not for the weak heart. Games like Grand Theft Auto have incited several controversies and are surely not for kids. The Godfather’s dangerously addictive hand-to-hand combat scenarios and the Mafia’s realistic police car chases is what gamers look for when they play crime games on their computers. So, here’s a nice compilation of the best crime simulation video games to date:

5. Hitman: Codename 47

Snipers, criminal conspiracies, hotels and Hong Kong, Hitman: Codename 47 is one of the greatest organized crime video games ever developed for the PC. This third-person action/stealth game truly simulates a professional Hitman’s acts. Of course, there’s some crazy and stylish gun-wielding action and some very clever puzzle elements. Players won’t get bored for even a minute and will find various ways to eliminate the target.

Codename 47 doesn’t have a save game option, which makes every mission frustratingly difficult. Most missions require stealth and clever thinking. You just cannot go blasting hardballers at your enemies, you will have to sneak past them and use the right weapon at the right time to kill your targets. There are a variety of weapons at your disposal, from the nifty garrote wire to silenced pistols to Uzis. Some missions have hidden weapons lying around to help you eliminate your targets.

One of the most challenging missions of Codename 47 is the Lee Hong Assassination. Others are equally well designed and are quite immersive. This PC-exclusive title is perfect for those who have a penchant for guns and style.

4. Max Payne

Max Payne

If Hitman is specifically known for its stealth, strategy and puzzle elements, then Max Payne is famous for its ingenious “bullet-time”—a unique feature which lets you shoot mobs in total slow motion. Those who have watched John Woo movies will instantly recognize this feat. The slow-mo in John Woo films was quite stylish, but it’s an integral part of gameplay here in Max Payne. The bullet-time option is frequently used to survive the intense gun battles.

Max Payne has all the right stuff, and that’s why it makes it to the top organized crime video games, though the bullet time and acrobatic leaps seems a bit far-fetched to be called one. However, the gun fights without bullet time is quite realistic and the visuals equally appealing. Max Payne’s story revolves around the life of an undercover cop who tries to uncover the truth behind the gruesome murders of his wife and child. The game’s graphic novel-style cinematics and excellent plot immerses the player right from the first mission.

3. Mafia

Mafia–The Best Crime Simulation Games

It’s the Grand Theft Auto of the 1930s! Some gameplay elements are quite similar to Grand Theft Auto 3, including car chases and auto thefts. The police chases are quite realistic and the third-person action sequences are fun and immersive. The open-ended gameplay and large linear missions truly guarantee endless hours of play value.

When compared with GTA’s Liberty City, Mafia’s Lost Heaven is massive. It features a diverse population and plenty of vehicular traffic. Driving along the metropolis can be a very pleasant experience. If you are looking for good organized crime video games, then Mafia will be the perfect choice for you.

2. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto Vice City

There’s no need to introduce the gameplay style of Vice City—it’s violence at its best! From drug syndicates and gang-wars to car chases and gorgeous women, Vice City is the perfect third-person action game to quench your crime simulation thirst. You, as Tommy Vercelli, have to accomplish several hits and thefts for gang lords in an attempt to salvage the money lost in a drug duel. The missions are diverse, and force you to wage adrenaline pumping boat racing duels and involve in car chases. There are several mini-missions, including Rampage—where players have to kill gang-members to extort money. There are also several Crazy-taxi type missions that guarantee exhilarating fun to those who like driving a variety of cars. All in all, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City shows what it’s like to be a crime lord in a modern-day fictional Miami city.

1. The Godfather: The Game

The Godfather

With original voice-acting from actors like James Caan, John Martino and Robert Duvall and exact movie settings, The Godfather: The Game lets players relive the original movie. With car chases and gang battles galore, the game focuses on non-linear gameplay with original story-based missions.

There are eighteen missions in addition to mini-games a la Grand Theft Auto. Various mini-games such as taking contract hits, extortions and car chases are well-designed and quite immersive. The hand-to-hand combat system is equally impressive and graphic in nature. With hours of gameplay, The Godfather: The Game is revered as one of the top-notch organized crime video games.