Anurag Ghosh

The Top 10 Survival Horror Games

Some of the scariest survival horror games like Silent Hill 2, Dead Space and Amnesia: Dark Descent gave us those terrifying moments we would love to forget. But do you think these are the only games that scored high on the scare meter? Find out what other games have been featured in this list.

The Best Baseball Games Online

There are plenty of baseball games online, but only a few allow players to play a full 3 or nine-innings tournament game. Others test your batting or pitching skills. Here are some of the top games that allow players to test their batting skills or play against the computer in a tournament mode.

The Top Five Most Unusual Online Games

Some of the most unusual online games on the Internet have an ingenious plot. While Pandemic II and Karoshi Suicide Salaryman are top games that fit the bill, there are plenty of other games that not only have a bizarre concept, but are also quite unique gameplay-wise.

Four Must-Play Free Online Tank Games

Some of the most impressive online tank battle games blend action and strategy and create a satisfying online gameplay experience. Here are some of the best Flash games that can be played on your browser and guarantee hours and hours of tank combat fun.

The Best Free Online Martial Arts Games

There are many free online martial arts games that involve a variety of ancient and modern martial arts techniques. Without laying emphasis on special powers a la Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, these games are strictly based on popular fighting arts such as King Fu and Pencak Silat.

The Top 5 Best Zombie Games

Everyone loves to shoot down hordes of zombies, and the best zombie games allows us to do the needful – pull the trigger, crank up the chainsaw and go on a zombie-killing spree. Here are some of the best zombie-themed video games for your PC.