The Ultimate Fable 3 Guide | Quest Walkthroughs, Collector's Guides and Reviews

The Ultimate Fable 3 Guide | Quest Walkthroughs, Collector's Guides and Reviews
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Fable 3 is an absolutely huge, in-depth game in which your character can complete quests, forge friendships, explore a vast world and, oh yes, take over that world. As either the Prince or Princess, you’ll be organizing a revolution and bringing the kingdom under your rule. Along the way, you’ll find tons of optional content that really makes the title shine. This guide will help you make sure you don’t miss anything along your journey, and that you get the outcome you want–even though the method may not be apparent.

Leading the Revolt - Bright Hub

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Life in the Castle Walkthrough

The introductory sequence in this opening quest will get you acclimated to life as a Prince or Princess, introduce you to your brother, your butler and the love of your life.

Leaving the Castle Walkthrough

We’ve had enough of oppression, and we’re ready to make a difference. But first, we have to get out of here. Meet Theresa the Seer and learn about the Road to Rule before taking up the sword for your cause.

A New Hero Walkthrough

Gnome in hiding

You need to recruit some allies if you are going to have any hope of achieving a coup d’etat over King Logan. In this part of the main quest, you’ll get started on that mission.

In Wolf’s Clothing Walkthrough

You need to get into the Mercenary Camp and Sir Walter has a plan to help you do just that. What awful outfit are you going to have to wear in order to fit in here?

Leaders and Followers Walkthrough

Now that your clothing is adequate to enter the camp, you’ll want to make sure that you have enough food or potions to help you through the battles.

Mistpeak Monorail Walkthrough

With three distinct parts to this section of the main quest, you’ll need this guide to help you through the Mistpeak Monorail area. Get ready to put the smack-down on some hobbes!

The Hollow Legion Walkthrough

Once you’ve made your way to Mourningwood, you’ll face new and more difficult challenges. Use this guide to make sure you don’t miss anything, such as the Legendary Weapon in the chest under the bridge.


Bowerstone Resistance Walkthrough

The citizens of Bowerstone are understandably cynical and will need some motivation to join your resistance. How will you ever manage to build your army and fight for their cause if you can’t get them to trust you? Here’s how to accomplish this crucial step.

The Masquerade Walkthrough

In this section of the main quest, you’ll be taking on the RArticle Imageeaver from Bowerstone Industrial. Read thoroughly before you start the quest so you’ll know which types of monsters you’ll be fighting. The “Wheel of Misfortune” determines some of that for you.

Traitors Walkthrough

Be ready for King Logan’s speech and learn how you gain Page’s trust in this short guide to the “Traitors” quest. It’s almost time for you to head overseas in your battle against your brother.

Darkness Incarnate Walkthrough

The Guard

Making your way to Aurora with a handful of friends is dangerous. Make sure you read up on what to expect before you go. This is one of the coolest missions in the game, so be wary of spoilers if you’re more interested in story than strategy.

Blindness Walkthrough

With one party member blinded and another missing you’ll be struggling in Aurora unless you have this guide. Here’s what you need to know so that you won’t miss anything important in this part of the main quest.

The Battle for Albion Quest Summary

And finally, bring it on home with this rousing finale to the main storyline of the game. You’ll have Walter and Ben Finn with you, but do you know which spells and weapons to take? This guide will lead you to success.

Bored to Death

What’s a “Normanomicon?” You’ll find out in this hilarious side quest featuring the ghostly brothers.

Chicken Chaser/A Day at the (Chicken) Races

Two side quests, both concerning chickens, are addressed in this handy walkthrough. If you’re trying to make sure you do all the quests and want the best outcomes, it can’t hurt to look up the more obscure side quests.

Gnomes are Great! and Gnomes are Evil! Side Quest Guide

Town Square

Two more side quests are outlined here. You’ll be roaming the countryside for gnomes, looking high and low, until you can gather them all up.


You’ll be tasked with rescuing either the knave or damsel in distress, depending upon which gender your character chose at the beginning of the game. The future of the homeless shelter in Albion is only one of the stakes, so you’ll need your wits and physical prowess to complete this quest.

Missing Child Walkthrough

Everyone loves an escort quest, right? Well, it’s only fair that Fable 3 includes one such quest in the game, and the fact that it’s an optional side quest means that it’s easily missed. Here’s a quick guide for succeeding in your mission to lead the missing youngster home.

Article ImageMissing Play Walkthrough - Unlock Tragical-Comical

Much like the quest involving the two brothers, this mission has you assisting two dramatic actors. They’ve somehow misplaced their script and they’re looking to you for help in finding it.

The Game


One of the most creative quests in any of the Fable games, this mission has you participating in an RPG within an RPG. Your quest is to perform the quest, in other words. Sound confusing? If so, you’ll definitely want to follow this walkthrough.

Books - Locations & Guide to Collecting All 30 Rare Books

Make sure you follow this guide as you’re working your way through the game so that you don’t miss any of the books. Finding them all nets you a cool 50 Guild Seals, which you’ll need if you’re going to unlock all the chests on the Road to Rule.

Legendary Weapons

The Legendary Weapons are tons of fun in Fable 3. Whether you’re a fan of swords, daggers, guns or maces, be sure to follow the guide to locate them all.

Demon Doors

Each Demon Door requires you to perform a task, achievement or action. Here’s how to find all the doors and what it will take to open each one.

Gnomes Guide - Find All 50 Gnomes

Your side quests for the Gnomes will only require some of these. Locate them all for the achievement and an awesome 40 Guild Seals! These little guys are as tricky as they are snarky.

Keys - A Complete Guide

You’ll want all the keys if you’re going to unlock all the chests. This guide will help you along with the Legendary Weapons and Keymaster achievement.

Flowers - Complete Guide

Collect all 30 of the flowers in Albion and get dyes for your tattoos and the Flower Power achievement. Here’s where to locate all the different types of flora.

Clothing Guide - Unlock the Fashion Victim

Dressing up in Fable 3 isn’t just fun; it also nets you some awesome combat bonuses and achievement points. Keep in mind that not all of the articles can be purchased!

Unlock All 48 Chests in Road to Rule

The Road to Rule is a long and arduous process, giving you access to various game play elements, emotes and abilities. You’ll have access to all the items and also score the prestigious Chest Grandmaster achievement with this handy guide.

Complete Achievement Guide

Massive 9-page guide to every achievement in Fable 3, from those that are unlocked automatically as you Article Imageprogress throughout the main story to the ones that other players have to stumble across in order to figure out. Don’t miss anything!

This should at least get you off to a good start with Fable 3. You’re now ready to take in all that the game has to offer, and you can be sure that you won’t miss a single side quest or get stuck on any missions. If there’s something that we missed or you have that you’d like to add, please feel free to post in the comments below.


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