Fable 3 In Wolf's Clothing Walkthrough

Fable 3 In Wolf's Clothing Walkthrough
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Fable 3 In Wolf’s Clothing - Jimmy the Drunk

“In Wolf’s Clothing” begins immediately after the “A New Hero” quest ends. Sir Walter is waiting for you at the Ye Quill & Quandary Pub in Brightwall Village; simply follow the golden trail of light to find it or fast travel to it using the map in the Sanctuary. Once there, head inside to find Walter and his new friend.

Passed out cold on the pub table is Jimmy, a drunken mercenary that Walter has acquainted himself with. Walter has devised a plan to gain access to the Mercenary Camp by dressing you up as one of their ilk. Perform the unsavory task of stripping Jimmy of his clothing and teleport to the Sanctuary to try on your stolen duds.

Fable 3 In Wolf’s Clothing - Honest Day’s Work

Now that you are outfitted in a Mercenary Suit, you are almost ready to infiltrate the Mercenary Camp. There are some missing pieces to the puzzle however; Jimmy has a beard, as well as a tattoo on his arm. If you’re going to fool the mercenaries into letting you in to their camp you’re going to need to completely look the part. This applies even if you are playing a female character, so prepare to butch up ladies.

You can acquire the proper beard and tattoo at Moustache Mansion, but it will cost you. Each item is 500 gold and at this point in Fable 3 you most likely have not earned much in the way of income yet. Fortunately, there are many opportunities to increase your net worth right in Brightwall Village.

The first and by far easiest method of making money is selling off inventory items you do not want or need. There is a pawnbroker near the Brightwall Village gates that will happily take unwanted items off your hands. Good candidates are gift items that you do not feel inclined to bestow on anyone.

The second option is pursuing a noble profession like lute playing or pie baking. In the center of town you will see these opportunities marked with giant exclamation points. Each job is represented by a short mini-game, wherein you must hit the A and X buttons on your controller as a cursor passes over a row of matching colors. Perform well and you will increase your score multiplier, resulting in more cash per successful round.

Fable 3 In Wolf’s Clothing - Sheep Among Wolves

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Whichever means you employ to gain the 1,000 gold required to buy the beard and tattoo, as soon as you have the funds head on over to Moustache Mansion. Purchase both items and teleport to the Sanctuary to add the accessories to your outfit. Once you are wearing the Men’s Mercenary Suit, the Mercenary Beard and the Mercenary Right Arm Tattoo, the deception is complete and you are ready to sneak in to the Mercenary Camp.

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