Fable 3 Leaders and Followers Walkthrough

Fable 3 Leaders and Followers Walkthrough
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Fable 3 Leaders and Followers - Mercenary Camp

Before leaving for the Mercenary Camp you’ll want to stock up on as many Slow Time and Health Potions as you can afford in Brightwall Village. When you’ve finished making your preparations, follow the golden bread crumb trail to Mistpeak Valley. The camp itself is very easy to locate if you stick to following the trail of light.

Upon your arrival your Mercenary Suit disguise works its magic and the guard at the gate lets you in with no questions asked. Hang a right as soon as you enter to find a treasure chest containing a Health Potion. As you proceed further into the camp, two mercenaries will call out to you mistaking you for Jimmy, the previous owner of the suit you’re wearing. You can either interact with them for a laugh or ignore them and continue on.

At the next checkpoint, the guard will scrutinize you closely and realize you’re not Jimmy. This initiates a brawl between you and a bunch of thugs. Using your area-of-effect Fireball spell is very effective for damaging them all at once.

Fable 3 Leaders and Followers - Red Barrels

Red barrels are a video game staple and are present even in Fable 3. As you follow the path through the Mercenary Camp, keep an eye out for these explosive barrels. Use precision aiming with the left trigger of your controller to take aim with your firearm and detonate them when enemies are nearby. The very first watchtower you come across has a treasure chest with a Mercenary Chest Tattoo inside. From the top of this tower you can aim down and shoot at clusters of mercenaries and the red barrels beside them to clear a path before continuing.

The general strategy doesn’t change as you cut a swathe through the Mercenary Camp. Soon you’ll encounter an open gate into a combat arena. There is a boss fight beyond, but before entering look nearby for a chest with some Slow Time potions inside.

Fable 3 Leaders and Followers - Saker

Saker is the leader of the mercenaries and an imposing figure. He utilizes two attacks: if you’re within melee range he will lunge at you with his fists, and if you’re out of range he will hurl molotov cocktails at you. It is much easier to dodge his molotovs using your roll than it is to avoid his melee attacks, so maintain a wide berth. Between his throws fire back with either your Fireball spell or your firearm.

At random intervals Saker will call for backup, resulting in three to five new enemies entering the ring. The same general strategy still applies; keep rolling to avoid damage and counterattack when you can. Slow Time Potions help a lot when you are overwhelmed, so use them if the battle gets a bit dicey.

After striking Saker down, you have a moral choice to make: do you spare him on his word that he will stop harassing the Dwellers or do you kill him to ensure it? Once you decide you will be called back to the Road to Rule with more combat upgrades and expression packs made available to you.

Fable 3 Leaders and Followers - Back to Brightwall

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You’ve now retrieved the ancient relic and thwarted the mercenaries for Sabine. The last objective is convincing the people of Brightwall Village to send supplies to the Dweller Camp. Return to the pub in Brightwall to meet with Walter and Samuel. They tell you that helping Brightwall’s citizens and acquiring Guild Seals is the best way to win their trust.

There are a handful of side quests available to accomplish this; you only need to complete enough to acquire 30 Guild Seals. They are as follows:

Once you’ve gathered the Seals, you’ll find Samuel at the gates of Brightwall. He is committed to aiding the Dweller Camp and asks that you sign a contract in return, promising to reopen Brightwall Academy once you are crowned ruler of Albion. Afterwards, fast travel to the Dweller Camp to make a similar promise to Sabine, thus gaining his support. Now it is onwards to “Mistpeak Monorail” with Sir Walter for the next leg of the journey.

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