Fable 3 Missing Child Walkthrough

Fable 3 Missing Child Walkthrough
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Fable 3 Missing Child - Mistpeak Valley

The first opportunity to embark on this quest comes during the latter half of the “Leaders and Followers” main storyline quest. After you accept this side quest, the golden beam of light will guide you through the winding trails of Mistpeak Valley towards the cavern that the little girl has gotten herself lost in. The entrance is located in the hilly area above the Mistpeak Valley Demon Door.

This is just one of many different entryways to the dungeon known as Chillbreath Caverns: a disconnected system of frozen rock that hides many treasures and collectables. The other entrances are scattered across Mistpeak Valley, but this is the only area we need to access to complete “Missing Child”.

The interior of Chillbreath Caverns is easy enough to navigate. It’s more or less a straightforward path to the missing child, though you’ll encounter a handful of treasure chests and dig spots along the way. Once you find the little girl you must lead her by hand towards the exit, for she is too frightened to follow you of her own accord. You can hold her hand by pressing the left trigger on your controller.

Fable 3 Missing Child - Prowling Wolves

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Occasionally you will need to release the girl’s hand to ward off packs of wolves that accost you on your way out of Chillbreath Caverns. Food is scarce in this harsh region and human flesh is on the menu. At this point in Fable 3 you’ll have faced wolves before, so use whatever combat tactics you favor to destroy them. Charged, targeted Fireball spells are highly effective, though for foes this weak you can also simply roll to dodge their lunges and strike back with a combination of melee and ranged attacks.

Don’t forget to hold hands with the little girl again before continuing on after a fight. Wolves will assault you about four or five more times during your journey through Chillbreath Caverns and down the hills of Mistpeak Valley. Though they pose little threat against your magic, don’t hesitate to use a Health Potion if your health drops too low. You wouldn’t want to abandon the child to a fate as terrible as wolf chow, after all.

Fable 3 Missing Child - Reward

Once the bitter cold snow drifts of Mistpeak Valley are behind you, you’ll find the girl’s mother waiting for you at the bridge to Brightwall Village. The child will release your hand and rush to her mother as soon as you are within range. Overjoyed, the grateful woman gives you her utmost thanks, though you also receive the more tangible reward of 5 Guild Seals. It may not sound like much, but “Missing Child” is a very easy quest so the reward is appropriately comparable.

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