Fable 3 Leaving the Castle Walkthrough

Fable 3 Leaving the Castle Walkthrough
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Road to Rule

The “Leaving the Castle” quest begins immediately after the “Life in the Castle” quest concludes. Jasper and Sir Walter usher you through a secret entrance to the Catacombs underneath Bowerstone Castle, towards the tomb of the fabled Hero of Bowerstone. Walter will pull a lever here, revealing the legendary Guild Seal. Gingerly grasping it, you are instantly teleported to the otherworldly Road to Rule.

The Road to Rule represents leveling and character progression in Fable 3. Here you will learn new spells, increase your combat capabilities and pick up new expression packs. There are 10 gates in total and each one opens after passing a key plot point during the storyline. Behind each gate is a series of chests that are opened with Guild Seals. Guild Seals are awarded for finishing quests, killing enemies and interacting with the citizens of Albion.

You’ll meet Theresa the Seer right after teleporting to the Road to Rule. Players of Fable 2 will instantly recognize her as an integral character from that game. She tells you of your destiny as the future ruler of Albion and advises that you will need to gather a force of allies if you ever hope to overthrow your brother. The first gate will now open, allowing you to acquire the Fireball spell from a chest for a paltry one Guild Seal. You can then take the Cullis Gate to return to the tomb of the Hero of Bowerstone.


Once you’ve returned, Walter will encourage you to give your new spell a whirl. Tap the B button and hold the analog stick in the direction you want to cast Fireball. You are also able to hold down the B button to perform an area-of-effect spell around you, burning any opponents in your immediate vicinity. Finally, holding down the B button and aiming with the analog stick performs a targeted charged blast. Cast the spell on the stairway to open a hidden passage that descends deeper into the Catacombs.

Follow the golden trail of light through the caves. About halfway through you’ll be accosted by flying bats. These make for perfect target practice for your new spell, so show no mercy and engulf them all in flames. Keep moving forward, dispatching more groups of bats along the way, until you reach an inactive Cullis Gate. Stand atop it and cast Fireball to activate it and teleport to the Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary

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The Sanctuary is your safe haven and base of operations. Any organizational or upkeep tasks will be performed here, such as changing equipment, altering your appearance, managing real-estate and tracking quest progress. Perhaps most important is the map of Albion, which allows you to fast travel to all known locations across the globe.

On top of the map is the Book of Heroes; approach it and press the A button. Your loyal butler Jasper will read through it, outlining all you’ll need to know about using the map. Your first stop is the Dweller Camp, so use the map of Albion to fast travel there with Sir Walter. Jasper will remain in the Sanctuary and continue to explore its various chambers.

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