Walkthrough Guide to Fable 3: The Battle for Albion

Walkthrough Guide to Fable 3: The Battle for Albion
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The Battle for Albion: At the Enemy’s Gates

Fable 3: The Battle for Albion kicks off with your arrival on the coast of the Bowerstone Old Quarter.To get to Bowerstone Castle, and your brother, you’ll have to force your way into and through the Old Quarter. Logan’s men will not simply let you stroll through. Fortunately for you, you’re not alone in this quest.

Your hard work in recruiting allies is reflected in the company of a group of red coated revolution soldiers, Walter and Ben Finn. Make good use of them, as the latter two are immortal for this quest and the former much more expendable than your character. You’ll have more assistance in the form of the Auroran fleet shortly, but first you have to deal with the mortar at the top of the hill preventing the ships from joining the fray.

Walter will lead the charge up the hill, but don’t follow him too closely. Instead it’s a much better tactic to let Walter serve as a close quarter distraction for Logan’s army, all wearing purple, while you make use of your rifle and spells to dispatch the foes from a safe distance. The Blades spell is especially handy here, and it has no trouble telling friend from foe so no need to worry about friendly fire. Combined with one of the elemental spells, you should have little trouble clearing out Logan’s troops with liberal use of the Blades spell. Just be sure not to stay still for too long or the mortar will take a shot at you.

Continue to follow Walter to the mortar and its defenders. A quick shot to the explosive barrel near the mortar should eliminate the threat and allow the Aurorans to join the siege.

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The Battle for Albiom: Gate Crashers

Kalin makes an explosive entrance, clearing the way for you to enter the Old Quarter. Make your way to the town center, where you can make your next stand. Don’t push past the statue until you’ve cleared all the enemies as it’s the safest place and has the best vantage point to use long-range methods to eliminate your foes. Making use of the explosive barrels located near the sandbags has the dual benefit of making the battle easier and getting you closer to the Barrel of Laughs achievement if you don’t have it already.

Fable 3 Screen by iheart Lasers at Flickr

Following Kalin’s lead, Sabine makes quite an entrance of his own. When you hear a massive blast you’ll know that the Dwellers have arrived. Head through the debris to the curving road and across the bridge you crossed under just moments ago. Aid the Dwellers locked in battle there before following the road to the park. This is another point in Fable 3: The Battle for Albion where it is wise to let your comrades soak up the damage in close quarters as you pelt the enemy with ranged combat techniques.

The Battle for Albion: Your Brother’s Keeper

The enemy offers a stronger defense as you near the castle. Continue to make sure of the explosive barrels and Walter’s infinite health in combination with ranged attacks to make your way past the bridge. Take a leap of faith into the very same building struck by Sabine. Meet up with the Dwellers on the road below and continue your campaign to take the castle. Page and her forces join you as you lead your supporters through the final resistances of Logan and make your way to the Bowerstone Castle’s gate. Just before the gates you’ll want to detour up the set of stairs that leads to a chest on the wall. Head to the gate to the castle and your brother.

You may be expecting a boss battle at this point, but Logan comes without a fight. After a short and revealing cut scene later, you’re now king and have the task of leading and protecting your people. Enjoy the crown, you worked hard for it.

The Battle for Albion: Quest Quicksheet

To summarize the above Fable 3: The Battle for Albion guide, follow these helpful hints.

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The Rifle and Blades spell are suggested for this quest, but not required. A skilled mêlée player can force his way to the castle through brute force but it’s much easier to let Walter and other essential NPCs absorb the damage up close while you pick off the enemies from a distance. Keep moving until the mortar is out of commission. Remaining in one place for too long will cause the cannon to fire at you. Not only are explosive barrels fun for you and a hindrance to the enemy, using them also contributes to your progress toward the Barrel of Laughs Achievement. If you’re having trouble telling the good guys from the bad: the red team is playing for you while Logan’s soldiers are supporting purple. Most of this quest is as simple as following Walter up a path or down the road. For the parts that are the exception, look for areas to jump down or buildings you can cross through. The area may not be treasure filled, but there is one chest to be found on a wall accessible by stairs as you near Bowerstone Castle.


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