Fable 3 The Hollow Legion Walkthrough

Fable 3 The Hollow Legion Walkthrough
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Fable 3 The Hollow Legion - Mourningwood

Mourningwood is a decidedly unpleasant swamp and unfortunately your next destination. Sir Walter assures you he has friends here, fellow officers under your brother Logan’s command whose loyalty has begun to falter. They’ve been stationed at Mourningwood Fort which is under constant threat of Hollow Men attack. Just follow the golden trail of light to find it, though keep an eye out for some treasure chests along the way.

Right after leaving The Hole, watch the right side for a chest containing a Health Potion. A bit further along the road will be another chest with some miscellaneous valuables. The real prize though comes in a chest that you’ll find after passing under a bridge. Inside this chest is a Legendary Weapon that will come in very handy during the next part of the quest as it is effective against the undead.

Fable 3 The Hollow Legion - Mourningwood Fort

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When you reach the fort Walter will introduce you to Major Swift and Ben Finn. They’ve been having extreme difficulty maintaining order in the region and have been losing good soldiers left and right to the undead. Ben will take you up to the mortars to assist in the defense of the fort as nightfall is coming and that is when the Hollow Men strike.

Firing the mortar is simple enough: aim with the left analog stick and then press the A button to launch a volley. You’ll have some target practice first, taking out a couple of harmless scarecrows. The third scarecrow turns out to be an actual Hollow Man and the unexpected assault begins.

Ben will call out to you during the onslaught, indicating whether to swing the camera left or right to spot more Hollow Men. They spawn in groups and are best eradicated when they initially appear. If you can manage to strike in the center of a newly spawned cluster you’ll take out five or more at a time. For the stragglers, remember to aim slightly ahead of them as they trudge forward as there is a slight delay in firing.

Fable 3 The Hollow Legion - Defend the Rear

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After a while you’ll be called off the mortar to assist in the defense of the rear gate. Familiar ghostly wisps filter in and touch down to spawn hordes of Hollow Men, but you have several allies to back you up. Even with your companions' assistance this is a pretty intense battle, so don’t be stingy with Slow Time and Health Potions. You will fight several waves of Hollow Men in succession, until a lone wisp lands on the grave of the recently departed Lieutenant Simmons.

Simmons, against orders mind you, reanimates and attacks you. He has some magic attacks that are fairly deadly; when you see his chest colorfully glow, get ready to roll away. He will also call forth more legions of Hollow Men, which your area-of-effect Fireball + Ice Storm combination spell is very effective against. If you have any Summon Creatures Potions they are great for keeping Simmons' friends busy as well.

This will be a drawn out skirmish as Lieutenant Simmons is highly resistant to damage. He also has an annoying knack for teleporting around the battlefield. Keep plugging away at his health and eventually he will fall. Major Swift and Ben Finn are ready to swear their allegiance to your resistance now after your heroic feats, but only if you promise to make Swift head of your army once you are made ruler of Albion. Agree to the promise and you’re off once again to the Road to Rule.

Fable 3 The Hollow Legion - Road to Rule

Theresa will open a new gate for you on the Road to Rule, allowing you access to new melee, ranged and magic damage upgrades. There is also a Bully Expression Pack and a Theft Pack, though these aren’t recommended for anyone playing a good character. Evil characters on the other hand, rejoice!

Exit through the Cullis Gate to return to Mourningwood Fort, where you will be awarded the Simmons' Head trophy. Charming. Walter then informs you of your next destination: Bowerstone.

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