Walkthrough for Fable 3 Side Quest "Bored to Death"

Walkthrough for Fable 3 Side Quest "Bored to Death"
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Ill Omens

The first opportunity to accept the “Bored to Death” side quest comes during the “Bowerstone Resistance” main storyline quest. Brothers Sam and Max are found in the Mourningwood Cemetery, a short distance away from the Mourningwood Fort. Players of Fable 2 will recognize the pair as the bumbling fools who toyed with the Normanomicon once before with disastrous results. They apparently haven’t learned their lesson as they want you to hunt down the ominous book for them again in an attempt to spice up their dull afterlife.

The Normanomicon currently rests with the body of their mother, Elizabeth. She took the book to the grave with her in a vain effort to keep it from the clutches of her idiot sons. Sam and Max ask you to travel to Millfields, where their dear mother is buried, in order to retrieve the book. You can either follow the golden trail of light all the way to Millfields, or simply use the Sanctuary to fast travel there.


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Once you’ve arrived at the Millfields burial plot, your canine companion will sniff out the proper dig spot. As soon as the Normanomicon is unearthed a horde of Hollow Men will spawn and attack you. The first couple waves consist of regular Hollow Men, which are easily dealt with using magic and your firearm. Keep your distance by rolling away from their melee strikes and use a Slow Time potion if you feel overwhelmed.

Eventually a Hollow Man leader will emerge from a nearby crypt. He is bigger and tougher than his fellow undead soldiers. Cast charged targeted spells at him repeatedly to defeat him with ease. Once the Hollow Man leader has fallen the smaller minions will stop spawning, signaling victory. Collectable-seekers should note that a Rare Book is found in the crypt that the Hollow Man leader escaped from.


The ghost of Elizabeth will appear before you once the battle is over. She mistakenly believes that the Normanomicon will be safer in your possession than in her grave, obviously unaware that you intend to turn it over to Sam and Max, and allows you to take it with her blessing.

Return to Mourningwood Cemetery to deliver the Normanomicon to the brothers. They recite an incantation from its pages, summoning forth a party full of other ghostly guests. Their boredom finally cured, they thank you profusely and reward you with 10 Guild Seals. If you wish to partake in the festivities, feel free to take a gulp of Ghost Ale from one of the refreshment tables. Your form will shift to appear ghost-like, but you’ll also vomit copiously, so you need to take the good with the bad.

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