Fable 3 Bowerstone Resistance Walkthrough

Fable 3 Bowerstone Resistance Walkthrough
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Fable 3 Bowerstone Resistance - Bowerstone Industrial

Directly after the “The Hollow Legion” quest, Walter will be waiting for you near a tunnel that connects the sewers of Bowerstone Industrial to Mourningwood. It’s not the most extravagant route of travel, but you are trying to keep a low profile after all. He’ll take you for a short, unremarkable stroll through the festering rot of the sewers and up onto the streets of Bowerstone Industrial.

Once topside, Walter will lead you through the dank streets of Bowerstone, highlighting the travesties your brother Logan has brought upon the people. As if to illustrate his point, you’ll soon notice a crowd of enraged citizens protesting outside of a factory. They are rallying against Reaver, Bowerstone Industrial’s cruel head of industry. They are fed up with the hazardous working conditions and ridiculously low quality of life.

Reaver himself soon appears to issue his curt and matter-of-fact reply: he shoots the lead protester dead without a second thought. He then warns the crowd that he will hand out similar “prizes” to anyone else who feels the need to express their disdain. Unable to do anything to rectify the situation at the moment, Walter ushers you away towards the secret headquarters of the Bowerstone Resistance.

Fable 3 Bowerstone Resistance - Page

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Follow Walter to an alternate entrance to the sewers. He will warn you along the way that he does not anticipate a particularly warm welcome for you, and this of course becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Upon stepping foot on the domain of the Resistance, several armed men warn you not to take a step further unless you want to lose a lot of blood. Fortunately, their leader Page who is familiar with Walter calls them off, then leads you and Walter to a private room where you can discuss matters.

Page knows who you are and this is precisely why she does not trust you. Actions speak louder than words, so you need to demonstrate that you are cut from a different cloth than your tyrant brother. You need to earn an additional 100 Guild Seals to accomplish this. Before you leave to start collecting them, the familiar Road to Rule portal opens with new upgrades for you to acquire.

Fable 3 Bowerstone Resistance - 100 Guild Seals

Several sidequests open up after you return from the Road to Rule, making your quest for 100 Seals much easier. They are as follows:

  • A Marriage of Inconvenience
  • An Evil Presence
  • Awakening
  • Bored to Death
  • Excavation
  • Kidnapped
  • Leverage
  • Peace, Love, and Homicide
  • Restoration
  • The Final Insult
  • The Game
  • The Pen Is Mightier…

We highly recommend doing “Kidnapped”, which nets 30 Guild Seals, as well as “The Game” which earns 40 Guild Seals. Completing “The Game” also unlocks the Save The Princess! achievement.

Once you’ve earned the requisite number of Guild Seals, return to the Bowerstone Resistance headquarters. Ben Finn and Major Swift have arrived from Mourningwood and Page is informing them of Reaver’s secret masquerade party. You are going to crash that party, so go to the Sanctuary and put on the party duds Page gives you. When you’re ready, meet her outside of Reaver’s Manor in Millfields for the next quest.

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