Walkthrough for Fable 3 Side Quest "The Game"

Walkthrough for Fable 3 Side Quest "The Game"
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Setting the Scene

The first opportunity to accept the “The Game” side quest comes during the “Bowerstone Resistance” main storyline quest. Completing this quest is highly recommended for a couple different reasons. First, it rewards 40 Guild Seals, which is a very respectable sum at this stage of the game; second, the dialogue is hilarious. The back-and-forth bantering between the three mages as they guide you through their dungeon is very funny, especially to anyone with even passing familiarity of the Dungeons and Dragons franchise.

You will find the mages in a house in Bowerstone Market, crowding around their incredibly detailed dungeon labyrinth. They urge you to take hold of the Orb of Magicka, which shrinks you down to minuscule proportions. You find yourself in the idyllic Lightwater Village, where you are encouraged by your dungeon masters to speak to the various townsfolk to advance the storyline. Alternately, you can choose to just speak to Arturo, the gatekeeper, to get the ball rolling.

The Baron

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Arturo will inform you that the princess has been kidnapped by Hobbe minions under the orders of the evil Baron. They hauled her off to the Baron’s tower, which is conveniently located nearby. Follow the golden trail of light up a path to the tower, where you will encounter a pack of wolves. Wolves are no threat compared to your magic, so blast them with charged targeted spells and then enter the tower.

Inside, the Baron will gloat for a bit and then whisk the princess away deeper into the tower. In this first room you’ll find a chest containing a powerful Scimitar of Baron Slaying +3, which will surely be handy in a few moments. The next area contains an inconspicuous lever in the center of the room; pull it to initiate a simple Hollow Men encounter. Area-of-effect charged magic is very effective against these foes.

Continue along until you reach a cavern housing dangerous chickens. Not satisfied with the inherent level of danger, one of the dungeon masters upgrades the chickens to giant demon chickens. Dispatch the fowl beasts and exit the cavern.


Outside of the cave, you’ll be accosted by the Baron’s elite Hobbe minions. This is the most challenging battle of “The Game”, though your tactics won’t change drastically. Area-of-effect magic is useful for thinning out the smaller Hobbes, and charged targeted spells will make quick work of their larger counterparts. Avoid melee range by rolling whenever possible, as this is where they will deal the most damage to you. There will be a few waves of Hobbes to slaughter before reaching the evil Baron.

Equip the Scimitar of Baron Slaying +3 if you haven’t already and use it to decimate the Baron. You now have the opportunity to romance the princess as your reward; plant a sloppy kiss on her to end the game and return to your normal size. You will now receive not only the 40 Guild Seals, but also the Orb of Magicka trophy to display in the Sanctuary.

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