Fable 3 Books - Locations & Guide to Collecting all 30 Rare Books

Fable 3 Books - Locations & Guide to Collecting all 30 Rare Books
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Fable 3 Books

There are 30 books to retrieve for Samuel in the Brightwall Academy. You must first accept “The Pen is Mightier” side quest from him to start your hunt. There are 25 regular rare books to find and five special ones. Each five regular books you deliver grants you a subquest wherein Samuel dispatches you to locate a specific tome. Each special book you find in this manner nets you 10 Guild Seals for a total possible 50 Seals, and managing to find all 30 books also awards you the Brightwall Book Club achievement.

Fable 3 Books - Brightwall Village and Reliquary

  1. Brightwall Village - Behind the Fabulous Furnishings store, on the windowsill. The book is called “Attack of the Killer Puffins”.
  2. Brightwall Village - Enter the Ye Quill and Quandary Pub and head upstairs. The book “Famous Kings of History: Markus Ivy” is on the bedside table in the bedroom.
  3. Brightwall Village - On the 2nd floor of the Two-Knock house, balanced on the railing. The book is titled “The Very Unsafe Book for Boys, Vol. 2: Ovens”.
  4. Reliquary - As soon as you enter Reliquary from Brightwall Academy, turn right to find “How to Be a Master Swordsman” on a pedestal.
  5. Reliquary - You must first complete the “An Ancient Key” side quest to gain access to a secret part of the library. In this room on a pedestal is “Famous Killers: Carl Tendency”.
  6. Reliquary - This is the very last book you’ll collect in Fable 3, and you cannot retrieve it until turning all other 29 books in to Samuel. At that point he will send you to fetch the “Book of Doom”. It is found behind a previously locked door near where you first encountered Hollow Men. It will be in the lowest part of the Reliquary, past some rubble.

Fable 3 Books - Dweller Camp, Mistpeak Valley and Chillbreath Caverns

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    Dweller Camp** - “Famous Kings of History: King Cedric” is in a small shack called Wimpet’s Sniffle, high atop a winding path above the encampment.

  2. Mistpeak Valley - Near the monorail entrance is a ticket booth; proceed inside to find “How to Be a Crack Shot” on the counter by the cash register.

  3. Chillbreath Caverns - Enter Chillbreath Caverns from the cave closest to the monorail station in Mistpeak Valley. Inside travel the main route until you begin to notice wooden support beams overhead. That’s your cue to look to the right to find a frozen stream of water; follow the icy trail to a makeshift bed, a treasure chest and some crates. The book “Famous Killers: Xavier Smedley” is here on a crate.

  4. Chillbreath Caverns - After turning over five regular books to Samuel, he will send you to Chillbreath Caverns to fetch the “Book of Mysteries”. It is located in the same portion of Chillbreath Caverns as the previous book. Once in the caverns, press onwards until reaching a frozen lake. Cross the lake and climb an incline until finding a stone bridge. Continue until discovering some bedding surrounded by lit candles. The book is on a table here.

Fable 3 Books - Mourningwood, Ossuary and Sunset House

  1. Mourningwood - “The Mibbs-Spango Theory of Gluttony” is found on a box behind the Organic Ink building.
  2. Mourningwood - After you’ve dropped off 15 books to Samuel, he will send you to retrieve “The Pangs of Sunset”. It is located in a grave in Mourningwood; follow your dog and he will sniff it out for you to dig up.
  3. Ossuary - As soon as you enter from Mourningwood, turn left and climb the long flight of stairs. You’ll pass a Gold Key Door and find “Famous Kings of History: Old King Oswald” on a railing.
  4. Sunset House - “The Extraordinary Homunculus of Baron von Orfen” book is found on a park bench behind the gazebo.

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Fable 3 Book Locations - Bowerstone Industrial, Cesspools, Millfields and Dankwater Cavern

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    Bowerstone Industrial** - “Famous Killers: Terence Posture” is found in The Riveter’s Rest Pub, on a table near the piano.

  2. Cesspools - As soon as you enter the area, you’ll see multiple tables where ruffians are milling about. The book “Dangerous Things: Gunpowder” is on a table to your left.

  3. Millfields - You need to undertake the “Bored to Death” side quest to get the next book. During the quest, Sam and Max will task you with entering the cemetery at Millfields and digging up the Normanomicon. As soon as you do, a group of Hollow Men will attack you. After taking care of them, enter the crypt that the larger Hollow Man came out of to acquire “AdventureQuest: A Select Your Own Endeavor Book”.

  4. Millfields - “Dangerous Things: Lightning” is located in Reaver’s Manor. To gain access, you’ll either need to purchase the property, enter during the “Reaver’s Unmentionables” side quest, or complete Fable 3 as an evil character allied with Reaver. Once you’ve entered the manor, take a left to a room with a statue in it. The book is on the table by the window.

  5. Dankwater Cavern - You’ll only be able to fetch “Liver of Darkness” after completing the “Hobnobbing with Hobbes” side quest. Return to the cavern after doing so and enter the Hobbes' living quarters. Dive into the pool of water and swim left, eventually happening upon a table with the book on it.

Fable 3 Book Locations - Bowerstone Market, Bowerstone Old Quarter and Bowerstone Castle

  1. Bowerstone Market - “Tyranny of Tyrants” is on the upper level of the Cock and the Crown Pub, on a table by a window.
  2. Bowerstone Market - Either purchase or break into the Dollhouse property, then enter the top level via the exterior stairs. “Grasping Avarice of Kings and Their Lackeys” is on the bed.
  3. Bowerstone Old Quarter - Head to the park area and the book “Dangerous Things: Industrial Machinery” is at the base of the statue.
  4. Bowerstone Old Quarter - Once you’ve delivered 10 books to Samuel, he will send you to retrieve “The Invocation of the Watchers”. Make your way to Throckbibble Mansion and enter via the trap door in the basement. There is a Flit Switch to activate here. Hit it twice to initiate a battle with some Hobbes. Afterward, hit it three more times to cause bookshelves to move and reveal the tome.
  5. Bowerstone Castle - Follow the stairs adorned with red carpet towards the royal bedroom. The book “Alchemy and Immortality” is on one of the three beds in a side room to the right.

Fable 3 Book Locations - Silverpines and Driftwood

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    Silverpines** - As soon as you enter the village, the book “The Very Unsafe Book for Boys, Vol. 3: Boxing” is on a crate by the first house on your left.

  2. Driftwood - You must enter the mines, which will only be open after completing the “Giftwood for Driftwood” side quest. “Dangerous Things: Stargazing in Remote Areas” is on a box just left of the mine entrance by the Gypsy Camp.

Fable 3 Book Locations - City of Aurora, Shifting Sands and Sandfall Palace

  1. City of Aurora - Enter the large temple and approach the altar inside. Glance to the candles on your right to discover “The Amazing Exploits of Barnaby Beadle”.
  2. City of Aurora - Climbing the hill up to the shrine area, you’ll work your way through a street between two rows of buildings. Near an archway that you’ll pass under is a small shrine. The book “The Very Unsafe Book for Boys, Vol. 1: Hang Gliders” is here, right underneath a gnome.
  3. Shifting Sands - After turning in 20 regular books to Samuel, he will send you to Shifting Sands to locate “Reaver on Reaver”. You’ll want to go north of the Aurora exit, through a canyon that is canopied by a massive stone arch. After passing under the arch, your dog will sniff out the book and lead you to its dig spot.
  4. Sandfall Palace - Cross the bridge over the first body of water you encounter, then take some stairs down to the right on the far end of that room. You’ll find “Dangerous Things: Ladders” on a railing here.

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