Fable 3 Gnomes Guide - Find All 50 Gnomes

Fable 3 Gnomes Guide - Find All 50 Gnomes
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There are 50 gnomes to find in Fable 3 and locating them all earns the Gnome Invasion achievement, as well as the princely sum of 40 Guild Seals. To start the gnome hunt, you must first complete the side quest “Gnomes are Great” in Brightwall Village, then accept the follow-up “Gnomes are Evil” quest. The gnomes themselves aid you in your task, as they verbally abuse you and make a ruckus when you’re nearby, signaling their locations.

Fable 3 Gnomes - Brightwall Village, Reliquary and Dweller Camp

  1. Brightwall Village - Inside Brian’s House, high up on the wall. Brian is the original quest-giver so you’ll likely get this immediately, though if you somehow get lost his house is beside Brightwall Academy.
  2. Brightwall Village - Affixed to the chimney of the House of Slats.
  3. Brightwall Village - Behind the house known as Bumbler’s Gruff, on a boulder.
  4. Reliquary - You’ll encounter a room with various moving/floating platforms you need to cross. Afterwards there will be some stairs leading down. The gnome is on the right side of the large column that is at the bottom of the stairway.
  5. Reliquary - Shortly after the previous gnome you’ll dive down into the water. There will be some stairs to ascend, leading to a large room with a skeleton and a note. Before reaching that room, look over the railing to the right to see the gnome perched on the wall.
  6. Dweller Camp - From the Mistpeak Valley entrance, cross the bridge and take a right up an incline. Watch your left side for a path that leads to a 5 Silver Key chest. Look above the chest on the wall and you’ll spot the gnome.

Fable 3 Gnomes - Mistpeak Valley, The Hole and Chillbreath Caverns

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    Mistpeak Valley** - Near the monorail station there is a path leading up to an overlook. The gnome is in plain sight here.

  2. Mistpeak Valley - At the end of a trail near the Demon Door is a frozen waterfall. The gnome is on top.

  3. Mistpeak Valley - From the Brightwall Village entrance, cross a few bridges up to some ruins that are home to a skeleton and abandoned work equipment. The gnome is clinging to the cliff wall nearby.

  4. The Hole - Hanging on a post beside the demolished monorail.

  5. The Hole - Enter the Hobbe arena, then turn to face the entry arch. It is hanging up on the archway.

  6. Chillbreath Caverns - There are multiple access points from Mistpeak Valley to Chillbreath Caverns. For this gnome, you’ll want to use the entrance uphill from the monorail station. It is identifiable by being a brown, unfrozen cave. Inside is a lake of ice; the gnome is precariously balanced on a stalagmite in the center of it.

  7. Chillbreath Caverns - Start at the Mistpeak Valley Demon Door, facing away from it. Ascend the mountain to the right and keep hanging right until you reach a bridge. Cross the bridge and there is an icy cavern on your left. Proceed inside to Chillbreath Caverns and the gnome is affixed to a stalactite on the ceiling.

Fable 3 Gnomes - Mercenary Camp, Mourningwood, Ossuary and Sunset House

  1. Mercenary Camp - Atop a water tower at the rear of the camp.
  2. Mourningwood - From Mourningwood Fort, run up the path on the hill towards the cemetery. Before reaching it, you’ll pass under a ruined archway. The gnome is attached to the arch.
  3. Mourningwood - Among the rocks by the Bowerstone Industrial sewer entrance.
  4. Ossuary - On a balcony housing a treasure chest and five large tombs. It is between the third and fourth tomb.
  5. Sunset House - On some rocks by a pond to the right of the manor entrance.

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Fable 3 Gnome Locations - Bowerstone Industrial, Sewers and Cesspools

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    Bowerstone Industrial** - Underneath the bridge on the road to Bowerstone Market.

  2. Bowerstone Industrial - High up on a building near the bridge closest to the docks. Look for a skull and crossbones poster on the corner of a building; it’s just above that.

  3. Bowerstone Industrial - Under the interior entrance of the pie factory. The factory is unlocked after you accept the “Animal Liberation” side quest.

  4. Sewers - Access the sewers via the entrance by the crane in Bowerstone Industrial. Take a left inside to find the gnome in front of you, stuck in a sewer grate.

  5. Cesspools - Follow the main route until it breaks off to the right; the gnome is before the fork, hanging from the ceiling.

Fable 3 Gnome Locations - Millfields and Dankwater Cavern

  1. Millfields - When facing the Pepperpot Cave entrance, this gnome is behind a pile of lumber to the left.
  2. Millfields - Clinging to an archway underneath the bridge leading to the center of the lake.
  3. Millfields - From the entrance of Reaver’s Manor, go down the stairs and hang a right into the front yard. The gnome is on a wall behind a tree.
  4. Dankwater Cavern - Move along the main path until you reach a recess in the wall by some waterfalls. The gnome is on a rock here.
  5. Dankwater Cavern - Keep moving through the cavern until you reach a large room with a rock column in the center. Go to the opposite side of this chamber and keep an eye out for a gnome on a small offshoot of the main path

Fable 3 Gnome Locations - Bowerstone Market and Bowerstone Old Quarter

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    Bowerstone Market** - Find the house known as The Doghouse and go inside. Leave through the back door and turn around immediately to find the gnome above the door.

  2. Bowerstone Market - This gnome is hiding up on the ramparts. These can be accessed via stairs near the We’ve Got Wood building. Once there, move along the ramparts until you reach a second round tower, where the gnome is hiding on the interior wall.

  3. Bowerstone Market - When facing the Bowerstone Industrial exit, look right to see a set of stairs by some shop stalls. It is above the staircase.

  4. Bowerstone Old Quarter - On the right side of the House of Stains.

  5. Bowerstone Old Quarter - Starting from the statue of a man riding a pig, go under the stone arch and proceed down the street to the right. Look for the gnome up on the windowsill of a house on the right.

Getting closer to that Gnome Invasion achievement, about 1/3 to go!

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Fable III Gnomes - Bowerstone Castle, Catacombs and Silverpines

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    Bowerstone Castle** - On a wooden platform near the roof of the kitchen.

  2. Bowerstone Castle - Taking a dip in a birdbath in the garden, near the entrance to the Catacombs.

  3. Catacombs - Follow the tunnel until it opens up to a gigantic cavern; the gnome is behind a pillar directly to your right.

  4. Silverpines - Right outside of the Silverpines Mine, high up on a tall post.

  5. Silverpines - Make your way to the cemetery and look for the crypt. There is a hidden trail that runs behind the crypt to a large tower. The gnome is perched on one of the beams.

Fable III Gnomes - Driftwood and City of Aurora

  1. Driftwood - There is a tiny outpost on the main island called Robin’s Coastal Commune. There is a trail leading to a clearing in the forest between two rocks, where there is a caravan with a gnome passenger.
  2. Driftwood - There is a small island off the coast of the main island. It looks like a small strip of beach with some scattered boulders. Swim out there to find a gnome.
  3. City of Aurora - Make your way to the docks and turn around to face Aurora. Instead of reentering the city, look to the farthest house on the left to find a gnome affixed high up on the wall.
  4. City of Aurora - Start at the Demon Door, following the path down to the left. Hiding snugly against the side of an archway will be the next gnome.

Fable III Gnomes - Shifting Sands, Sandfall Palace, The Veiled Path and The Enigma

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    Shifting Sands** - When you first enter Shifting Sands from the City of Aurora, you’ll see a row of columns on both your left and right. There is a gnome on one of the first columns to your left.

  2. Shifting Sands - When facing the cave entrance to Sandfall Palace, look to your left to find a gnome perched on the cliff wall.

  3. Shifting Sands - Head towards the gigantic stone arch that bifurcates the desert, eventually working your way through a canyon with high cliff faces on either side of you. This crafty gnome is along the cliff wall to the left, before you actually reach the stone arch.

  4. Sandfall Palace - As you journey through the second large room of the palace, you’ll head up a set of stairs to a raised walkway. While crossing the walkway, look for the gnome along the wall by a torch.

  5. The Veiled Path - As soon as you set foot in The Veiled Path from Shifting Sands, cast your eyes high and to the right to a camouflaged gnome along the wall.

  6. The Veiled Path - During your trek through this area, you’ll eventually come upon a huge set of stairs. There are two gnomes along this stairway, the first is along the base before beginning your climb.

  7. The Veiled Path - About midway up the long staircase, there is a gnome balanced carefully on a pillar.

  8. The Enigma - Inside the 3rd room of The Enigma, which has an entrance flanked by two statues.

Congratulations on ending the tyranny of the garden gnomish race and enjoy your Gnome Invasion achievement. Be sure to check out our full Fable 3 Achievement Guide for more guides and tips.

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