Fable 3 Flowers - Complete Guide

Fable 3 Flowers - Complete Guide
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There are six different colors of Auroran flowers to locate in Albion, and finding all five of a particular color unlocks a special dye you can use for tattoos. The flowers are dispersed across the City of Aurora and its surrounding regions, ensuring you don’t need to trek too far to discover them all. Once you’ve collected all 30 Auroran flowers, you will earn the Flower Power achievement and an assortment of six special dyes.

Fable 3 Flowers - City of Aurora


The first five flowers are in the City of Aurora.

  1. Blue Flower - From the docks, dive into the water and swim to a strip of land on the left.
  2. Green Flower - Climbing the hill towards the top of the town, you’ll pass between two flags. The flower is near the base of the flag on the right. This area is also directly left of the Demon Door.
  3. Orange Flower - Behind a rocky outcropping directly right of the shrine.
  4. Yellow Flower - Inside the Sandsky House.
  5. Purple Flower - Behind the Cold Star Manor. From the front entrance of the building, proceed to the right to get behind the manor.

Fable 3 Flowers - Shifting Sands

The next seven are in the desert area outside of Aurora known as the Shifting Sands.

  1. Orange Flower - As soon as you enter the region from Aurora, veer left and follow the wall.
  2. Yellow Flower - When you first enter the area, there will be a long set of stairs with pillars lining both sides. This flower is behind the farthest pillar on the right.
  3. Purple Flower - Follow the path to the right from the Aurora zone-in. You’ll come across an alcove with a diagonal pillar in the center of it; the flower is right beside it.
  4. Yellow Flower - Proceed past the diagonal pillar towards the huge stone arch that looms overhead. Right before passing under the arch, hang a sharp left up an incline.
  5. Purple Flower - Go under the arch and take an immediate right. This flower is in a sunken dip of land between two dunes.
  6. Orange Flower - After passing under the arch from the Aurora side, look for a jagged slanted rock jutting out of a sand dune, with another small rock next to it. They should be directly in front of you from the arch. The flower is next to the smaller rock.
  7. Blue Flower - After coming through the arch from the Aurora side, hug the wall to the left and follow it for a long while. The flower is on a hill in the northwestern corner.

Fable 3 Flowers - Sandfall Palace

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This batch of five flowers are all in Sandfall Palace, which is accessible from the Shifting Sands.

  1. Red Flower - Descend the first set of stairs and the flower is in a small pile of sand to your right.
  2. Green Flower - At the first branching path, where you can either take stairs ahead of you or to the left, take the left stairway down to a pond. The flower is behind a tree by the water.
  3. Green Flower - Double back to the branching path and take the alternate set of stairs. Keep going straight across the walkway and through an enclosed passage that leads to the second large room of the palace. Head left through the trees and keep an eye out for a giant semi-circle structure. The flower is in a grassy patch right by the structure.
  4. Blue Flower - To the right of the first set of stairs in the second large room, past more circular architecture, is a shrine housing the flower.
  5. Red Flower - After entering the third large room, hug the wall to the right to find a door. Immediately to the left after entering that door is the last flower in the palace.

17 flowers down and 13 to go until netting the Flower Power achievement!

Fable 3 Flower Locations - Veiled Path

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The next 11 flowers are all on the Veiled Path, which comes after Sandfall Palace.

  1. Blue Flower - Turn right after entering from Sandfall Palace and it is right in front of you.
  2. Orange Flower - After passing by the first statue of an archangel-like being, it will be on your right.
  3. Purple Flower - Behind the second statue on your left is a path leading to a door. The flower is right by the door.
  4. Red Flower - Turn around and head straight out from the door. At the base of a pair of the apparently popular archangel statues lies another flower.
  5. Orange Flower - Just past the two statues is a short set of stairs on your left. Ascend them to reach the next flower on a ledge.
  6. Purple Flower - Hop down from the ledge and you’ll see a wide staircase directly to your left. Instead of climbing it, move around it and the flower is just to the right of the stairs.
  7. Yellow Flower - Continue along the trail from the last flower, and along the right wall after a short jaunt will be another flower.
  8. Yellow Flower - There is a small flight of steps as you proceed. Once at the top, look to the right for the flower. It will be at the base of yet more stairs.
  9. Blue Flower - You will now face an impossibly long stretch of stairs. Move along the left side of the staircase as you climb and just past the halfway point you’ll find a flower.
  10. Red Flower - Plod your way further up the long staircase and a little ways past the last one on the left will be another flower.
  11. Green Flower - At the very end of the Veiled Path, on the right in a corner.

Fable 3 Flower Locations - The Enigma

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The Enigma is accessed from the Veiled Path, and contains two Auroran flowers.

  1. Green Flower - In the center of the first room as soon as you enter; you can’t miss it.
  2. Red Flower - In this room, there are unlit torches that correspond to the various side chambers. Use the Fireball gauntlet to light the torch on the left to open the next door and the last flower is right out in the open of the adjacent room.

Congrats on your 30 Auroran flowers and shiny new achievement. Be sure to check out our full Fable 3 Achievement Guide for more in-depth collectible guides.

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