Fable 3 Keys - A Complete Guide

Fable 3 Keys - A Complete Guide
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Our guide will first list the 50 silver keys, followed by the four gold keys. Keys are imperative for discovering some of the most valuable treasure in Fable 3, as they unlock various Silver Key Chests and Gold Doors. Tracking down all the keys also earns you the I Am The Keymaster achievement.

  1. Brightwall Village - There is a house on the village outskirts called Spurious Nuttock. Nearby is a small reddish bridge; the silver key is underneath.
  2. Brightwall Village - Behind the building called the House of Cluck.
  3. Brightwall Village - Facing the library entrance, go to the left of the building to find some trees and boulders. The key is behind the boulders.
  4. Reliquary - After the room with the moving platforms, you’ll dive into a body of water and make your way to a room with a skeleton and a note. There are torches here that need to be lit using the Fireball spell. Light them all and a hidden door opens revealing a key.
  5. Reliquary - This key requires some explanation. From the location of the previous key, you’ll make your way up to a branching path. One of the paths has a treasure chest; take that path and proceed past the chest, up an incline and onto a platform above the room with the floating platforms. There is a switch here, so pull it to prompt a staircase to rise on the opposite side of the room. Ascend the stairs to find a room with a couple tombs and the key.
  6. Dweller Camp - This silver key can only be obtained after you’ve reached an agreement with the Dwellers in the main storyline. Once you have you can enter Sabine’s private community and the key is behind the Caravan of Poom.

Fable 3 Keys - Mistpeak Valley, The Hole and Chillbreath Caverns

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    Mistpeak Valley** - There is a path that leads down to the valley with a Demon Door. Instead of taking it, search behind the pile of logs to the right of the beginning of the path for a key.

  2. Mistpeak Valley - Near the monorail station is a trail leading up the mountainside to a scenic overlook. There is a key here right beside a gnome.

  3. The Hole - Make your way down a hill past the demolished monorail to a room with a rack of barrels. The key is behind the barrels.

  4. The Hole - Near the Mourningwood exit, you’ll pick up the Technician’s Key. Head back to the same room of barrels as the previous key to open up a locked gate.

  5. The Hole - Enter the Millfields monorail station entrance and climb the stairs. Instead of boarding the monorail, go around the platform to find a key behind the office.

  6. Chillbreath Caverns - Chillbreath Caverns has multiple entry points. To find the one we want for the key, start at the Mistpeak Valley Demon Door. Head up the mountains to the right when facing away from the Demon Door. Eventually you’ll cross a bridge to an icy cavern. Once inside, just follow the path to traverse a stone bridge to the key.

Fable 3 Keys - Mercenary Camp, Mourningwood, Ossuary and Sunset House

  1. Mercenary Camp - At the top of the camp there is a guard tower amongst dog cages; the key is under the tower.
  2. Mourningwood - Head towards Mourningwood from the cemetery. You’ll travel through some trenches to do so. As soon as you’re back on level ground, look for a ruined wall outside the village. The key is under an archway there.
  3. Mourningwood - Facing the fort, turn around to find a silver key barricaded behind a wall. Use melee attacks or your Fireball spell to break down the barrier.
  4. Ossuary - Inside a crypt to your right as soon as you enter from Mourningwood.
  5. Ossuary - When you enter from Mourningwood, turn left to ascend a flight of stairs. At the top, hop down to another platform on your left to reach the key.
  6. Sunset House - Up the hill is a large mansion; to the right of its entrance is a key hidden between the trees.
  7. Sunset House - Facing the Demon Door, hug the wall to the left to find it by some rocks.

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Fable 3 Key Locations - Bowerstone Industrial, Sewers and Cesspools

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    Bowerstone Industrial** - Near the docks is a military warehouse. Inside, you’ll see a key suspended in an elevator car on the upper level. You can only acquire this key after you are made ruler of Albion.

  2. Bowerstone Industrial - This key is tucked away behind a steam vent in the factory by the docks. To cut off the steam you have to activate four levers. The first is upstairs. The second is on the right side closest to the key and the third across from that one on the left. The final lever is by the stairs you took for the first lever.

  3. Sewers - Enter the sewers via the entrance under the crane and turn right. The key is here by a metal grate.

  4. Cesspools - As soon as you enter the Cesspools keep left and you’ll find it behind a breakable barrier.

Fable 3 Key Locations - Millfields, Pepperpot Cavern and Dankwater Cavern

  1. Millfields - Facing away from the entrance to Dankwater Cavern, walk straight and dive into the pool of water. Swim to the left to find the key by a statue with a telescope.
  2. Millfields - Across from the Pepperpot Cavern entrance is a factory. The silver key is kept in a small shack at the far end of the factory.
  3. Millfields - Between the Bowerstone Market zone-in to Millfields and Bower Lake is a small cemetery. A side trail here leads to another key.
  4. Millfields - The next key is in Reaver’s Manor. To gain access, you’ll either need to purchase the property, enter during the “Reaver’s Unmentionables” side quest, or complete Fable 3 as an evil character allied with Reaver. Regardless of how, once you’re inside proceed to the second level. To the right of the dining area is a bedroom. Activate the bookshelf here to reveal a hidden room which contains the next key.
  5. Pepperpot Cavern - Journey through the entirety of the cave and at the end you’ll find a body of water. Swim across to find the key.
  6. Dankwater Cavern - At the first pool of water you come across, dive in and head left. Get out of the water at the forking path and take the route to the right for the key.
  7. Dankwater Cavern - Make your way to the Hobbe encampment and jump into the water nearby. Swim to the right through the rocks and you’ll eventually reach a small incline. Ascend it to find the next key. Note: both this and the prior Dankwater Cavern silver key are not obtainable until successful completion of the “Hobnobbing with Hobbes” side quest.

Fable 3 Key Locations - Bowerstone Market, Hideout and Bowerstone Old Quarter

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    Bowerstone Market** - In the backyard of a house called Hauteville Heights.

  2. Bowerstone Market - Head to the shop stalls under the bridge by the clock tower. At the end by some sailboats is the next key.

  3. Hideout - In the basement, residing in a jail cell. You will come to the Hideout during the “Crime and Punishment” quest while you are ruler of Albion.

  4. Bowerstone Old Quarter - On the second floor of Nightshade House. Must purchase or break-in to the property. Note: this key is missable if you do not restore Bowerstone Old Quarter during your tenure as ruler of Albion.

  5. Bowerstone Old Quarter - When facing the main city gates, the key is on your left underneath a huge tree.

Fable 3 Key Locations - Bowerstone Castle, Catacombs and Silverpines

  1. Bowerstone Castle - To the left of the Catacombs entrance, by a statue.
  2. Catacombs - When trekking through the Catacombs from the Bowerstone Castle entrance, you’ll eventually happen upon a wide open cave. The path will split and you will want to go left to find the key.
  3. Silverpines - Explore the Silverpines Mine to find a key at the very end.
  4. Silverpines - When crossing Silverpines after entering from Millfields, before reaching the village there will be a branching path to the left. Take it to find a silver key.

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Fable III Keys - Driftwood and City of Aurora

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    Driftwood** - In a small cave on the eastern coast of the largest island.

  2. Driftwood - On a smaller island connected to the large island via a bridge. On top of the smaller island is an encampment; the key is on a ledge off the side of the camp.

  3. City of Aurora - In a nook just to the right of the Shifting Sands exit.

  4. City of Aurora - Right near the large shrine is a rocky trail that leads to a bridge with a chest on the other end. Instead of crossing the bridge, hop down to the roof below. Keep jumping across the rooftops until you reach the silver key.

Fable III Keys - Shifting Sands, Sandfall Palace, The Veiled Path and The Enigma

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    Shifting Sands** - From the Aurora entrance, venture into the desert towards the massive stone arch that separates the two halves of Shifting Sands. Just before passing under the arch, veer to the right to find the first key in an alcove.

  2. Shifting Sands - Pass under the aforementioned gigantic arch and immediately hang a left to find the key.

  3. Shifting Sands - After walking under the massive stone arch, make your way into the desert. Right in the center of the dunes is a large rock that resembles the letter “T”. The key is underneath.

  4. Sandfall Palace - Before proceeding too far into the first large room, there will be a locked door to your left with a Flit Switch above it. Hit the switch four times to open the door and reveal a key.

  5. Sandfall Palace - In the third and final room of Sandfall Palace, the key is to the left of the giant diamond.

  6. The Veiled Path - Right at the end of The Veiled Path, in a nook to the right.

  7. The Enigma - In the second room of the Enigma will be some torches to light using your Fireball spell. Do so and the opening to your right contains the key.

Fable III Keys - Gold Keys

  1. Mistpeak Valley - Enter Chillbreath Caverns using the brown, unfrozen cave entrance uphill from the monorail station. Once inside, keep following the route upwards, passing by a Silver Key Chest and a rare book along the way. Just keep plodding onward until you come to an exit leading out to a snowy terrace. Head outside and you’ll find the first gold key.
  2. Driftwood - This gold key is only obtainable after fully restoring Driftwood during a series of side quests. Completing the quests will open a bridge to a previously inaccessible island. On that island is a Flit Switch that you will need to chase and hit as it lures you across the island. Follow it all the way to a warp that will take you to the key.
  3. Shifting Sands - The first thing you will need to do is complete the “A Key to a Greater Key” quest in City of Aurora. Essentially, all you do is purchase a key for 4,000 gold. This quest is only available after completion of the main storyline. Take the key out into the Shifting Sands, into the desert beyond the massive stone arch. Move straight forward until you near structures; this is your cue to veer left and find a locked door to the Crossroads of Passing. Your new key of course will unlock it. The next room has two panels to step on to open up the Gold Key chamber. Use the moving platforms to cross the open space, occasionally combating an enemy.
  4. The Enigma - In the room with the colored floor panels, where you previously found a silver key, there is a locked door hiding the last gold key. To open it, you must press the panels in the following order: yellow, blue, yellow, red, blue, red, blue and red.

Congratulations are in order for securing all 54 keys and unlocking the I Am The Keymaster achievement.

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