Hottest Games of 2011

Want to know what the gaming world has is in store for 2011? Then this is the article for you. Read about the hottest upcoming games and see why they are the most anticipated games of 2011. Clear the calendar, these heavy hitters make this the year of the Gamer.

Halo Reach Medals Guide

Having trouble getting a specific medal or just don’t know what to do to complete your medals collection? Not a problem, just check out the Halo Reach Medals Guide for an exhaustive list of every medal and how to acquire it. Follow this guide and you’ll be buried in bragging rights in no time.

Halo Reach Assassination Guide

“Halo Reach Assassinations” lists all the possible assassinations in multiplayer for Halo Reach. Article is part five in a series dedicated to Halo Reach multiplayer. The guide is organized by specie of player and target. Each scenario is described in article.