Fable 3 Life in the Castle Walkthrough

Fable 3 Life in the Castle Walkthrough
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Fable 3 Life in the Castle - Easy Choices

One of the central themes of the Fable series is facing difficult, often morally questionable decisions. Fortunately, the game eases us into the process with a simple choice of gender. You can choose to play as either a prince or a princess; it is strictly personal preference as your Hero’s gender has no impact on actual gameplay. After making your choice you are woken up in bed by your butler Jasper. He has picked out two outfits for you to wear and again your choice here is purely aesthetic. After making your selection, Jasper informs you that your companion is waiting for you.

The golden trail of light will lead you to your next quest destination, so simply follow it to find either Elise or Elliot. You will meet Elise if you are playing as a male or Elliot if you are female. As it turns out, this person is a lot closer to your heart than a mere friend. They are upset with the tyrannous behavior of your brother, Logan, the current ruler of Albion. During this conversation you’ll be prompted with various indicators onscreen, such as pressing the right trigger to focus on a point of interest and using the left trigger to hold your friend’s hand. Holding hands unlocks what will likely be your first achievement: Hand in Hand.

Fable 3 Life in the Castle - Difficult Choices

Elise/Elliot will urge you to speak to the staff of the castle, who are growing restless over Logan’s recent actions. Follow the golden trail of light to locate the kitchen staff. Once there you’re faced with your first moral dilemma in Fable 3: do you lend a sympathetic ear to the plights of the downtrodden, or do you further frighten them into submission? This is the first small step down your path to either good or evil, so choose carefully.

At this point Sir Walter makes his first appearance. He is here to retrieve you for sword combat training. Along the way to the training room you’ll be stopped by a mob of Albion’s citizens. They want you to sign a petition condemning the cruel acts of your brother and the improper treatment of the people of Bowerstone. You can either provide your signature of support or insult the petitioner.

In training, Walter will take you through some basic melee maneuvers. Tap the X button to do a simple attack, or hold down the X button to block. When he tells you to perform a flourish, hold down the X button and move the left analog stick towards him to execute the flourish, cleaving his sword in the process. Elise/Elliot enters the room now, panicked about a bad situation developing in the castle.

Fable 3 Life in the Castle - Impossible Choices

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Follow Elise/Elliot and Walter to find a group of protesters. They are demanding better treatment from your brother Logan. Walter leaves to confront your brother, while you and Elise/Elliot trail behind to eavesdrop on the argument. After witnessing your brother’s guards assault Walter, you enter the room to stand up to your brother yourself.

The plan quickly goes awry, as your interference just irritates Logan. He forces an impossible decision on you: resolve the situation by killing either Elise/Elliot or the innocent protesters. Neither of the options are inherently good or evil, so make the tough decision whichever way suits you.

That night, your butler Jasper and Sir Walter come to tell you it’s time for a revolution. Your brother’s cruel reign has gone on far too long and it’s time for you to discover your destiny as a Hero. The three of you depart Bowerstone Castle and head for the Catacombs to make your escape.

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