Fable 3 A New Hero Walkthrough

Fable 3 A New Hero Walkthrough
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Fable 3 A New Hero - Dweller Camp

This quest begins as soon as you fast travel to the Dweller Camp via the Sanctuary’s magic map after the “Leaving the Castle” quest. You and Sir Walter will enter the village, giving you a firsthand impression of how your brother’s rule over Albion has devastated its citizens. There are starving children, run-down buildings and general impoverishment everywhere. The Dwellers despise Logan, so Walter hands you 500 gold and recommends getting a new outfit; something less princely. Their leader Sabine will not give a warm reception to someone who looks like royalty.

Follow the golden trail of light to a clothing shop, wherein you can acquire a Dweller outfit. As soon as it is purchased, Jasper speaks to you through the Guild Seal, just having discovered how to do so. He asks that you return immediately so he can show you some of the discoveries he’s made in the Sanctuary. Press the start button to teleport back to base whenever you are ready.

Once you’re back at the Sanctuary, enter the chamber with the symbol of a clothes hanger above it. This leads to your wardrobe, where you can view your collected clothing and change outfits. Put on your new Dweller duds, then press the start button again to instantly return to the Dweller Camp. You can now dispense the spare gold amongst the people to curry favor for your cause if you so choose.

Fable 3 A New Hero - The Demands

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Walter has arranged an audience with Sabine for you upon your return. Sabine is understandably wary of throwing his support behind you and demands proof of your abilities as a Hero before pledging his allegiance. First, you must go to Brightwall Village and excavate an ancient relic from underneath Brightwall Academy. Second, you must eliminate the Mercenary Camp threat in Mistpeak Valley. Third, you must convince the people of Brightwall to send aid and supplies to the Dweller Camp.

Follow Walter to the exit to Mistpeak Valley, where he tells you to go ahead to Brightwall Academy to fetch the relic. Walter is going to sniff around Brightwall to see what he can dig up on the mercenaries and will meet up with you later.

Fable 3 A New Hero - Mistpeak Valley and Brightwall Village

You now have a lengthy jaunt across the snowy hills of Mistpeak Valley. Following the golden trail of light shows you the most direct route to Brightwall, but you are of course free to explore the surrounding area at your leisure. Along the main path you will have your first encounter with wolves; they are easy to dispatch with your Fireball spell and pose little threat.

Once you reach Brightwall Village, it’s just a matter of following the trail of light to Brightwall Academy. Inside you will meet the librarian Samuel, who at first tries to dissuade you from entering. Once you flash your Guild Seal, however, he realizes a new Hero is in his midst and he shows you to the secret underground dungeon beneath the Academy. Your Guild Seal unlocks the door and you descend into the Reliquary.

Fable III A New Hero - Reliquary

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The Reliquary is your first dungeon-crawling experience in Fable III and it is relatively straightforward. Follow the trail of light until you face your first blue Flit Switch. Flit Switches are activated by either melee attacks if colored blue, magic if colored red or ranged if colored yellow. As you do not have a melee weapon yet, Jasper calls you back to the Sanctuary as he has just uncovered the armory.

In the Sanctuary you can choose to equip either the powerful hammer or the agile sword. Once you’ve made your decision, press the start button to return to the Reliquary. Hit the Flit Switch with your melee weapon to raise a bridge before you. Cross the chasm to a platform where you will encounter Hollow Men for the first time.

Hollow Men first appear as blue wisps of light that then touch the ground and spawn into skeletal warriors. Use a mix of melee attacks and your Fireball spell to dispatch them; once victorious, follow the golden trail of light to your next destination, which is a red Flit Switch. Cast your Fireball spell at it to raise a floating platform. Each subsequent moving platform has a blue arrow on it; simply step on it to raise a new platform and forge a path across the large room, occasionally fighting more Hollow Men. Be sure to grab the suspended treasure chests along the way.

Fable III A New Hero - Music Box

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After crossing the floating platforms you will dive down into a pool of water. Swim to the shore and step foot onto dry land to find a circular sealed door. To open it, hold down the B button on your controller to charge up a Fireball spell, then aim at the door with the analog stick and release the B button to cast the spell. More Hollow Men will accost you inside, so deal with them and press onwards.

Eventually you will encounter your first yellow Flit Switch. Though you do not have a ranged weapon as of yet, Jasper chimes in with his always impeccable timing, urging you to return to the Sanctuary. Once there you are given a choice of either a rifle or pistol as your ranged weapon. Return to the Reliquary and activate the Flit Switch with your shiny new firearm to continue your trek upwards.

You will encounter many Hollow Men on your ascension; continue decimating them with your entire arsenal. When surrounded by a large mob of the fiends, charge up your Fireball spell to damage them all at the same time with an area-of-effect blast. Keep following the golden trail of light up the stairs until finally reaching the last chamber containing the ancient relic: your parent’s music box. As soon as you retrieve it you will be brought back to the Road to Rule.

Fable III A New Hero - Road to Rule

Theresa the Seer will open another gate on the Road to Rule for you, granting access to more upgrades. You can get a new Shock spell, upgrade your combat damage or get the Landlord/Dye Packs. The choice is yours to make and is only limited by the amount of Guild Seals currently in your possession.

Once you’re done selecting your character upgrades, exit through the Cullis Gate to find yourself back with Samuel in the Brightwall Academy. He informs you that Walter has gathered some intel on the mercenaries and that you should meet him at the local pub.

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