Fable 3 Missing Play Walkthrough - Unlock Tragical-Comical-Historical Achievement

Fable 3 Missing Play Walkthrough - Unlock Tragical-Comical-Historical Achievement
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Fable 3 Missing Play - Actors in Distress

Your first opportunity to encounter Lambert and Pinch comes during the latter half of the “Leaders and Followers” main storyline quest. You will find the pair of woeful stage actors in front of Brightwall Academy, lamenting the loss of the late Philipth Morley’s missing masterpiece. They request that you enter Brightwall Academy to search for the missing play, so head there as soon as you are ready to continue. You don’t need anything in the way of preparation as this quest involves very little combat.

When you enter the Academy, doors will swing shut to block your path as an otherworldly voice warns you about proceeding further. Disregard this of course and plod onwards until you discover the missing play. Before you can make off with it, the ghostly apparition of Philipth Morley appears and drags you into the alternate realm of the book.

Fable 3 Missing Play - Ransom Locke

Ransom Locke will greet you as soon as you enter the world of the book. He was hired by Lambert and Pinch before you to retrieve the missing play and got sucked in just as you did. He is a renowned sleuth, so it comes as no surprise that he has devised a theory on the mysterious situation. Ransom believes that the ghost of Philipth Morley has trapped you here and won’t be satisfied until you’ve acted out scenes from his legendary plays.

You’re already standing in the first scene now, so approach the female costume and put it in to start your amateur acting career. In this scene you will be prompted to do one of two actions: declare love or abuse. The proper response is declaring love. As soon as the scene completes, you are instantly teleported to the second scene.

Fable 3 Missing Play - Titus

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For the second scene you’ll be donning a Chicken Suit outfit. Like the prior play, you’ll be prompted to perform one of two actions: tickle or declare love. This time around the appropriate choice is tickle. Once this interaction is finished, you’ll be teleported to the third and final scene.

This last play is Morley’s most famous, telling the tragic tale of a mercenary named Titus. Traditionally, the titular hero is overwhelmed and dies at the hands of his enemies at the end of the story, so the proper action for you is to surrender and die when attacked. You can choose to fight back however, and if you manage to defeat all the enemies you can successfully close the scene this way as well. Philipth Morley will be so impressed by your performance that he agrees to release you and Ransom Locke, as well as willingly hand over the missing play.

Fable 3 Missing Play - Reward

Lambert and Pinch will perform the missing play for a crowd of Brightwall citizens but it receives a very negative reception. Regardless, you are awarded with 20 Guild Seals to spend on the Road to Rule and a trophy of The Complete Works of Philipth Morley to display in the Sanctuary. Completing this side quest also unlocks the Tragical-Comical-Historical achievement.

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