Fable 3 Darkness Incarnate Walkthrough

Fable 3 Darkness Incarnate Walkthrough
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Fable 3 Darkness Incarnate - Aurora

This quest begins immediately after the completion of the “Traitors” mission. During your voyage across the sea to Aurora your ship wrecks and you awake on a beach with Sir Walter. Your other traveling companion Ben Finn is missing, though Walter assures you he is a strong swimmer and likely landed safely elsewhere on the shoreline.

The only way forward is an ominous cave, so against better judgement make your way inside. The path is linear and impossible to deviate from, so just plod onwards until you reach a room with a grand spiral staircase and a magical barrier. You need to bring down the barrier to continue on, though there is no immediately obvious way to do so.

Search the skeletal remains of other unfortunate adventurers to find a book of what Walter describes as gibberish. He reads a passage from the text and is as surprised as you are to find the barrier dissipating, allowing you to descend further into the darkness.

Fable 3 Darkness Incarnate - The Crawler

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In the next room you’ll encounter another magical barrier impeding your progress. Fancying himself an expert now, Walter reads from the book once again to lower this force field. The next hall contains your first battle with creatures known as Shadows. These black wispy beings do not have much health and are easy to kill, but their strength lies in their numbers. Charged magic attacks are recommended for thinning the crowd when they begin to swarm, especially using combination spells like Fireball + Ice Storm. During the battle a sinister, foreboding voice will utter grim warnings about a darkness spreading across Albion.

A draft snuffs out the flame on Walter’s torch, causing him to panic. He tries desperately to relight it and when he finally succeeds, he turns to find himself face to face with the wielder of the terrible voice: the Crawler. As you and Walter flee the room you’ll face more Shadows; get rid of them using primarily charged magic attacks once more. Walter hurls his torch at the Crawler in defiance, temporarily driving off the beast.

Follow the golden trail of light to a room with a ledge you need to vault down from. After you safely land on the floor below, you call up to Walter telling him it is safe to follow. Just before Walter can leap, he is snatched away by the darkness.

Fable 3 Darkness Incarnate - Rescue Walter

You’ll be attacked by more Shadows as you make your way through the cave towards Walter’s location. When you finally push past them you’ll find Walter engulfed in darkness and unable to move. The Crawler mounts an offensive against you in three phases: Shadows, Minions and then a Sentinel.

The Shadows come in full force here, so keep utilizing your magic and roll away if you get surrounded. The next phase has you fighting Minions, which are animated armored statues. These enemies rely on melee attacks, so keep your distance and keep chipping away at them with magic or your firearm.

Once a few Minions are downed you’ll fight a Sentinel. This is a larger animated statue that despite its size is not that different from a Minion. Just use charged magic attacks at a distance until it falls to your will, finally releasing Walter from his torment. Walter’s eyes are blinded from the darkness, so you’ll need to guide him by the hand to the cave’s exit. The Crawler continues to taunt you as you leave, until you finally reach the relative safety of the Shifting Sands desert.

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