Fable 3 Blindness Walkthrough

Fable 3 Blindness Walkthrough
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Fable 3 Blindness - Decision

This quest begins immediately after the completion of the “Darkness Incarnate” quest. To say your experience in Aurora has thus far been less than stellar is an understatement. You now find yourself with an endless expanse of scorching desert sand in front of you and a blinded Walter relying on your steady shoulder to even walk. There is no safe haven in sight or destination in mind, so things are looking pretty grim.

Walter knows the situation grows dire and urges you to leave him behind to continue on alone. You now have a moral choice to make: do you insist on helping Walter no matter the burden, or do you shrug your shoulders and leave him to rot? Don’t fret too much over the decision, as even if you decide to soldier on at a snail’s pace with Walter in tow, your friend will eventually faint and you’ll be forced to leave him behind regardless.

Fable 3 Blindness - Shifting Sands

As you follow the golden trail of winding light into the Shifting Sands dunes, the atmosphere will rapidly transform into a twisted and dark wasteland. The Crawler is still set on tormenting you, plaguing your mind with a series of horrific hallucinations. The first is an image of Walter being attacked by numerous Shadows. Fight them off using your charged area-of-effect magic attacks and move on once they are all dead.

The next apparition of Walter lashes out and attacks you on approach. You have no choice but to defend yourself, so roll away from his melee attacks and use your magic and ranged attacks to drop him. The third and final hallucination of Walter has him walk by your side, regaling you with an emotional story that sheds some light on a traumatic experience in your companion’s past. Afterward, you are left alone in the dark gloom of the desert, eventually blacking out.

Fable 3 Blindness - Aurora

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When you come to, you’ll find the welcomingly familiar face of Ben Finn hovering over you. When he washed ashore after the shipwreck, native inhabitants of the City of Aurora found him and brought him to safety. A search party was then dispatched, locating not only yourself but also Walter.

Aurora’s leader, a woman named Kalin, will introduce you to the city and impart some of its history. It turns our your brother Logan has been to this region before and made several grand promises of aiding the people of Aurora, none of which were kept. This vendetta against Logan provides some common ground, and after you agree to restore Aurora to its former glory once you become ruler, Kalin will commit her forces to your revolution. Your army is now strong enough; time to set sail for Bowerstone and lay siege to the castle.

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