Ascension Quest Guide for Aion Online

Ascension Quest Guide for Aion Online
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Aion The Tower of Eternity

Aion The Tower of Eternity has been making a name for itself these last few months. From the character customization options to the vividly beautiful scenery and towns there is currently no other MMORPG that matches the awe of Aion. Aion is a Player versus Player (PvP) game that offers very little content for Player versus Environment (PvE) game play. There are 2 main factions in Aion that compete against each other for territory and status; Elyos and Asmodians. However, before the PvP fun can begin players must first level their characters in starting areas.

Tap the “j” key while the game is open to verify which quests your character has. There are a couple tabs in your quest log that you will need to scroll and look through to see all the quests so be sure to click on each of them. Some quests offer titles, armor, items, and almost all offer experience to help your character level.

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Learn how to complete the quest Ascension in Poeta. This quest is offered to all Elyos characters. The Ascension quest is a campaign quest which means the Non-Player Character (NPC) will have the yellow hovering icon above his or her head instead of the blue one. Also, in your quest log the campaign quests will show up on a different tab. Get the best Aion quest help and Aion quest guide for Ascension.

Obtaining the Quest

The quest Ascension is a level 9 quest that is automatically given to Elyos characters. Your Elyos character will receive this quest


upon reaching level 9. The Ascension quest is followed by the quest titled A Ceremony in Sanctum. This will be a player’s third experience with an automatic quest. The first two automatic quests being; Kalio’s Call and A New Skill. If your quest log does not pop open on its own upon reaching level 9 simply tap the “j” key while the game is open to view it.


After reaching level 9 and obtaining the Ascension quest it will instruct you to follow quite a few steps.


  1. Find Pernos who is standing on the right side of the main road in Poeta between the campsite and the mine.
  2. Pernos will give you a vial and instruct your character to fill it with water from the center of Cliona Lake.
  3. Head back towards Akarios Village upon the main road in Poeta and find Cliona Lake. The lake will be on your right.
  4. Upon reaching the lake travel to the center. If you are having trouble finding the center go to the floating bubbles near the island.
  5. In your inventory click on the vial Pernos gave you and your character will start collecting water.
  6. Head back along the main road towards the campsite and stop at Daminu to update the quest.
  7. Daminu will ask you to follow the main road in Poeta once again and travel back to Pernos.
  8. Once your character reaches Pernos he will help you to retrieve memories and show you a cut scene.
  9. After the cut scene you will find yourself in a different area and facing 4 Draconute Assaulters that you must defeat. These are very easy to kill so do not be afraid of their size.
  10. After defeating the Draconute Assaulters anoter foe; Orissa, will appear. You will also need to defeat Orissa.
  11. After defeating Orissa talk to Pernos for the reward.


Pernos will reward your character with 73,200 experience. He will also allow you to finally choose your character’s class. Warriors will


become templars or gladiators, mages will become spiritmaster or sorcerer, scouts will become rangers or assassins, and priests will become a cleric or a chanter.

The 73,200 experience that Pernos gives your character should put them close to level 10 if not cause them to reach level 10.

After completing Ascension you will need to complete A Ceremony in Sanctum to receive your wings and become a Daeva.


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