Aion the Tower of Eternity: Missing Poppy Quest

Aion the Tower of Eternity: Missing Poppy Quest
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The newly released MMORPG, Aion, has been causing quite a stir among gamers. Players are getting more involved in the game and

discovering what treasures Aion offers. The stunningly beautiful scenery and character customization options is top notch. Quests are being completed in groups and by solo players alike. The location map finder for quests in Aion is a wonderful tool but not all quests are going to be marked on the map

Learn how to complete the quest Missing Poppy. This poor unfortunate pig has been separated from his owner and needs help finding his way home. With many pigs floating around the Aion game it can be hard to know which one is the one you need. Fortunately, after accepting the quest Poppy will have a glowing arrow above his head marking which pig to go after.

Obtaining the Quest

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There is a level 5 NPC (Non-Player Character) named Cannon who stands to in the middle of a pig pen in Verteron at Tolbas Village. This very sad little boy has lost his pet pig Poppy and would like to obtain your help to retrieve him. Simply walk up to Cannon when he has a glowing arrow above his head, level 15 or above, and accept the quest Missing Poppy.

Do not be caught unaware because this pig is not easy to find. Poppy not only looks like all the other porgus he also lives in the middle of a pig pen in Dukaki Mine with enemies lurking all around.

Missing Poppy

Aion Poppy

Players asking where Poppy is in the game gets a bit repetitive since the location map finder does not help. However, little do they know that upon spotting the pig there will be a blue glowing arrow over his head which indicates this is Poppy the specific porgus you are looking for. The Kobold Cooks that are wandering about should make for easy kills as long as your character is not a low level.

Leave Tolbas Village in Verteron and head straight up the road taking care not to veer off to the left when the road forks just outside of town. Follow this road straight ahead, it will curve around a little but for the most part it is a straight shot forward. Upon entering the Dukaki Mine you will see a little camp set up on your right just up the road. This camp will have some shelter, cooking area, and a pig pen. This pig pen is where Poppy lives.

Missing Poppy Follow-up

After completing this quest you must now bring Poppy back to Cannon. Stay close to Poppy because he is slow and looses health the

Poppy Aion

entire time you have him. Getting to far ahead of the pig will cause him to disappear making it necessary to repeat this quest. Slowly walk back to Cannon and he will be very happy to see his pet pig.

Upon completion of Missing Poppy characters will be rewarded for their efforts. 30,400 experience is given and 1,500 kinah. This quest is not in a series and Cannon will have nothing further to give you after this quest is complete.

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