Aion: Class System and Warrior Classes - Class Updates

Aion: Class System and Warrior Classes - Class Updates
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The Aion Class System

Class Selection Screen (Asmodians)

Aion offers four basic classes: Warrior, Scout, Mage, and Priest. These classes further develop into eight advanced classes: Gladiator, Templar, Assassin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Spiritmaster, Cleric, and Chanter. Each class has its own unique skills and skill chains, and falls into a traditional MMORPG role.

When a player begins, they must first choose their race - Elyos or Asmodian. Both races are able to access all classes, but some special class skills will differ in implementation based on race. Players must also choose one of the four basic classes. Upon reaching level 9, they will receive a quest which will allow them to ascend as a daeva and specialize in one of the two classes available to their basic class. Class choices are permanent, so do research before choosing which class is best for you.

Unlike other MMORPGs where players must either distribute skill points or talent points to make their character effective, stat gain and skill gain are automatic and unrestricted in Aion. For example, a Chanter can learn all skills for a Chanter simply by buying and using the appropriate skill books after they become available to her. Trainers do not need to be visited to level skills; skills level automatically upon levelling.

Specialization in Aion instead comes through the use of Stigma Stones, which allow players to learn a limited amount of skills from other classes via equipping Stigma Stones. This allows a sort of multi-classing system in Aion, allowing you to take a single class for its skills, and then enhance those skills with those of other classes.

Warrior Classes

The Elyos Warrior


Master of weaponry, the Gladiator is the ultimate fighter. Most gladiator skills utilize the polearm, a weapon exclusive to the Gladiator class; however, dual wielding is still a powerful option as a Gladiator. The Gladiator may stun his opponent into submission.They may also serve as tanks, though they are less effective as Templars, and will only be able to serve as off-tanks or emergency tanks in difficult scenarios. Because of his ability to wear plate armor, the Gladiator sacrifices some damage potential for durability.


The shield-bearers of Aion, Templars are the true tanks. Wielding either a sword or a mace, the Templar may use his shield to protect himself or knock down his opponent. Templars also have the ability to lower the defenses of their opponent. While Templars are weaker at dealing damage than Gladiators, the Templar still may wield a two-handed weapon into battle, and his survivability is beyond any other class. Because of this, Templars must expect to always be on the front line, and will outlast many opponents in PvP.

Scout Classes

The Asmodian Scout


At home in the shadows, Assassins are the kind of fighters who prefer stealth. Assassins often attack from behind for additional bonuses and chances to disable their opponents. Masters of close-quarter combat, they may stun their targets, receive special chains based on dodging attacks, and have access to potent poisons. Some skills even allow for the sapping of your opponent’s hitpoints and returning that health to the Assassin. Assassins are proficient in daggers and swords, although they may also equip two-handed weapons.


A true ranged class with an assortment of skills, the Ranger is the archer of Aion. Besides being able to use their bow, or fight up close with a sword or dagger, Rangers may also lay down dangerous traps for their opponents. However, arrows and traps require costly components. Some of the Ranger’s damage dealing has been sacrificed for the utility of their traps and skills (which include poisons, silences, and the ability to gain distance from their opponent). In later levels, Rangers also gain the ability to polymorph into other creatures; these transformations each offer special buffs to the Ranger.

Mage Classes

The Elyos Mage


The Sorcerer is an elementalist, using spells of various elements in her arsenal to devastate an opponent from afar. She is found wielding either a spellbook or an orb, and has access to single target and AoE spells. The Sorcerer is a true glass-cannon, and has little in the way of defense or health; if an enemy closes distance with her, she is likely to die if the enemy is not swiftly dispatched. The Sorcerer is therefore the most deadly ranged class, but also the most vulnerable.


The Spiritmaster is the pet class of Aion, using summoned elementals of fire, earth, wind, and water to do her bidding. Each of the Spiritmaster’s pets have varied abilities based on their element. Spiritmasters are very akin to Sorcerors, but have a lower damage output because of the safety their pet provides. They also have shielding spells, slowing spells, absorption spells, and damage over time spells. Spiritmasters make a strong solo class, with great versatility in PvP.

Priest Classes

The Asmodian Cleric


Healing is the specialization of clerics. Durable in battle, clerics are equipped with a number of healing abilities to keep their allies, and themselves, alive in even the most impossible battles. In addition to healing, clerics may also increase the resistances of their party members and summon up the power of the storms to harm their enemies. Wielding a mace and shield for protection, clerics may also root and stun their opponent to protect themselves.


Unlike Clerics, whose focus is healing, the Chanter’s focus is on buffing her party. Using a staff, the Chanter is designed to combine her magical skills with her fighting prowess to make an impressive holy fighter. She may parry attacks and stun opponents; she may also summon up protective shields that protect her from harm and heal her. Chanters may use aura buffs (which affects your nearby party members), lasting buffs (which may be given to anyone), and self buffs. Chanters may also heal, though less effectively than a Cleric. Chanters make a strong solo class due to survivability.

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