Aion Cleric Class Leveling Guide

Aion Cleric Class Leveling Guide
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Daeva becomes you

Following the Ascension quest and the granting of official ‘Daeva’ status, you’ll find yourself substantially changed for the better. Your Leather armor can be cast off for new pieces in Chain and you gain the ability to equip a shield. If you’d rather, you can forgo that weapon set for a two-handed staff, instead. In general, you can count on a staff of comparable level to have a higher melee dps range along with more Magic Boost and Magical Accuracy. This is to compensate for the reduced damage-reduction gained by equipping a shield. When solo-grinding or questing, the Cleric will probably be better served by the staff. Using the “Switch Weapon” ability allows you to carry both weapon sets without taking up any space in your cube.

When looking for manastones and gear stats, there are a few key facts to keep in mind. The first is that spells cannot crit, so anything offering Magical Crit is wasted. Also, heals are not effected by Magic Boost, making that stats also a non-issue for healers. Stacking HP will give you a health pool sufficient to withstand some damage in a bad group situation, and is probably more important than any other stat.

As a Daeva, actively participating in combat will now build Divine Power (DP). This resource can be used for Morphing substances or for the faction-specific HP and MP ability. Popping this ability at the right time can help turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Rotation, Levels 10-12


Level 10 brings you a wealth of new abilities, along with a few upgrades to old favorites. Your Smite spell now procs the Thunderbolt ability, adding some extra magical damage to your target. In the healing department, Light of Rejuvenation gives you a heal-over-time spell, or HoT. This is very useful for applying just before the fight begins in order to mitigate some of the incoming damage.

While soloing, you will want to pull with Smite and trigger Thunderbolt when it procs. Use Hallowed Strike when the target is within melee range, followed by Heaven’s Judgment, and keep yourself topped off health-wise with Light of Rejuvenation.

You also gain a very useful crowd-control ability here, with Root. If you need to take a two-pull, pick up an add in a group, or find yourself pulling enmity from your tank, you can take one mob out of the battle for up to six seconds, which should be enough to allow you to regain control of the situation.

Rotation, Levels 13-15

Dispel: this is just one reason why groups are going to love you. The ability to remove a stun, stagger, or other ‘abnormal physical condition’ is almost priceless. It will allow the tank to keep enmity and keep your group-mates from falling to poison or bleed effects.

There are no other new abilities or upgrades at level 13. Because the 10th level required such an expense, this will give you the opportunity to build up your bank account a bit before level 16. You can also spend these level practicing your multi-faceted play style and start contributing to groups as a healer. Keeping your heals and Dispel ability in a tight group on your hot bar will help you have them literally at your fingertips when you need them.


Rotation, Levels 16-19


Holy Servant, gained at level 16, gives you a stationery assistant who provides a bit of dps during a battle. It can be used every 30 seconds, as is a great addition to a group, allowing you to contribute some damage to the target without having to micro-manage or take your attention away from your teammates' health bars.

Radiant Cure gives you a bigger heal, at the cost of a three-second cast. Practice will bring the skill of knowing when you can afford that long cast time and when you should stick to a couple of smaller heals. Tranquility reduces the amount of enmity that a player has built up with the target, and will help your tank regain the mob’s attention. Be careful using it on yourself, however, since a cloth-wearing party member may catch the mob’s attention instead. You, in Chain, have a better chance of survival.

Level 19 updates your Hallowed Strike ability, but more importantly, you gain the Penance spell. This ability will basically exchange some of your HP for MP, which can be extremely helpful during healing-intensive fights. This is another reason why stacking HP is preferable over MP. Finally, Cure Mind is like Dispel, only it address abnormal mental states.

Wearing many hats


Keep in mind that you are not simply a healer, you also have abilities that buff, dispel, and cause a significant amount of damage. It is this well-rounded play style that makes the Cleric such an interesting class to play, and such in high demand for groups. Using all of the abilities you have available to you lets you level quickly, find parties with ease, and eventually, become a force to be reckoned with in the Abyss.

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