Aion Scout Class Leveling Guide

Aion Scout Class Leveling Guide
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Gear and Stats

The Scout is most effective in leather gear, although she can equip cloth items. While the leather does allow for a more agile and fluid play style, it does little to deflect incoming damage. The goal of the Scout is to appear, do as much damage as possible in a short time, and evade incoming attacks in the process.

The manastones you will want to hang on to include Physical Crit and Attack for maximum damage, while Evasion will help to avoid taking hits. Accuracy can also give you a boost, in that your attacks will hit more often. A mob’s untimely resist can spell catastrophe, so doing what you can to make sure your abilities aren’t wasted is crucial.

Rotation, Levels 1-4

Surprise Attack

Upon creation, your Scout will have two abilities at her disposal: Swift Edge, offensive, and Evasion, which is defensive. In later levels, Evasion will act as a trigger for a chain skill counterattack. For now, Open with your Swift Edge attack, and use Evasion as often as the cool down expires.

Surprise Attack, gained at level 3, does considerably more damage when used while behind your target. Make sure to use positioning to your advantage, and open with this attack at your enemies' backs. Follow with Swift Edge and then Evasion.

Rotation, Levels 5-6


Level 5 brings a much needed boost to your Accuracy, the Hide ability, and that chain attack from Evasion mentioned earlier: Counterattack. The best thing about this strike is that it sometimes delivers a stun to your target, giving you the opportunity to jump behind your enemy and apply heavy-hitting Surprise Attack.

Now that more of the mobs you encounter are hostile to you, you can use Hide to navigate to their backs and prepare your attack. The Hide ability also gives you an opportunity to scout new areas before you commit yourself to a battle.

One of the most important skills for your entire career also appears at level 5 - dual-wield! You should never be caught without two melee weapons equipped. As of game version 1.5.9, the consensus is that a main hand dagger and off hand sword will provide the most dps.

Rotation, Levels 7-9

The only new skill at level 7 is Soul Slash, which chains off of your Swift Edge attack. Make sure to activate it every time it procs in order to keep your target’s health falling.

Level 9 brings you a much-needed passive boost to your evasion rate, as well as one new offensive ability: Devotion. This skill, when triggered, boosts your physical attack by 40%. It only lasts for 5 seconds, however, so you should take some time trying this out both at the beginning and at the end of the battle to see when it’s of most use to you.

Finishing Move

Choose Your Path: Assassin or Ranger


Once you have reached level 9 and then completed your quest for Ascension, you will have the choice between two specializations: the Assassin or the Ranger. While the Assassin may put out a bit more damage, the Ranger has abilities to keep himself at a distance from his target. Both classes will require some regular kinah to be spent, on potions, trap ingredients, arrows, and power shards. Both classes are much sought after for groups, and equally capable in PvP. The choice, then, really just comes down to the individual style and preference. Either way, you will find yourself laying waste to your enemies and contributing largely to your group’s success.

Lacking the sheer power of the Mage, the defensive attributes of the Warrior, and the healing abilities of the Priest, this class may be one of the most difficult for new players. An effective Scout will need to time attacks and cool downs, making good use of position and the element of surprise. The Scout, and both of her specializations, are arguably the most gear-dependent classes in the game. Stacking the appropriate stats and keeping your weapons up to date are the most important considerations you have. You can supplement your play by taking Handicrafting, Sewing, or Weaponcrafting as professions.

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