Friends get an Aion free trial offer

Friends get an Aion free trial offer
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Details of the Aion Free Trial

NCSoft West is a little tricky in how they offer the free trial to their stunning new MMORPG, Aion. While many other MMOs allow you to download a client and sign up for a free trial on their websites, getting trial access to Aion works a bit differently. In order to score your trial, you need to first find a gamer with an existing paid subscription that is at least six weeks old. The Aion “Refer a Friend” program requires that the referring player also have paid for six weeks of game time on their account. They do, however, take the first 30 days that are free with the purchase of the game license into account for this, so your gaming friend only needs to have paid for an additional two weeks. That’s not possible? No, but as long as they have purchased the game and purchased at least one extra month beyond the included game time, you’ll be good to go.

Once you’re in, you can expect your free trial to last for three days, seven in-game hours or level 7 on your character, whichever comes first. Make sure you don’t accept your trial until you have a few days to spend checking it out! You’d hate for your free trial to expire, and then you have to do the process all over again.

Where can I find this friend?

Inside Pandaemonium

This part may be a little trickier. Finding current Aion subscribers is usually as easy as visiting the official forums, the Aion fan page on Facebook or by checking out the forums on other gaming-related sites. The tricky part, as mentioned earlier, is in contacting your new Aion-subscription-holding friend. Internet safety is a big deal, and putting your email address out there for the world to see probably isn’t the smartest thing you can do. For this reason, go ahead and create a new free email account, to be used only for this purpose. Make sure to review any emails you receive here carefully in order to avoid the scammers and account-hacking sites. You’ll be leveling your new Chanter or Spiritmaster before you know it!

Why would anyone want to send me a free trial?

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That’s the genius of the system. If you receive the Refer a Friend offer from a paid subscriber, and then you purchase the game and a month’s worth of game time, the referring friend will also receive some goodies. Some of the perks include a month’s free game time or some helpful in-game items for gear and leveling. There’s also no limit on how many friends that paid subscribers can refer, only a limit on how many referrals they can have outstanding at any given time. So if you like what you see and choose to buy the game for yourself, make sure to refer some friends of your own!