Nochsana Training Camp Instance Guide for Aion

Nochsana Training Camp Instance Guide for Aion
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Enter the Abyss

Once you hit 25 you get a few campaign quests that guide your way to the abyss, the main fighting ground between the Eylos, Asmodeans and Balaur. The actual entrance is a portal statue half uncovered by excavations at the warehouse construction site. Just fly over to the small floating island on the northwest side of Temionon landing.

Remember though, there is a 15 hour limit between instance runs.

Nochsana Training Camp

Living up to its reputation, Aion is a game where you have to grind due to the lack of quests. Some blame it on the Asian roots and others on the lack of game design. Nevertheless, these few and far between instances help with the daily grind…. literally.

Training Grounds is the first instance you will encounter in Aion on the Elyos side, though I’m sure the Asmodeans have an equivalent on the other side. The basic concept of the instance is learning how to assault a fortress, one of the main strategic buildings in the PvP part of Aion.

On The Downside…

Unlike other MMOs, gear is hard to get in Aion and this instance is a prime example. If you are used to WoW where just signing on guarantees you loot, then maybe this game is not for you.

Even if you spend the normal time making your way to the final boss, you are not guaranteed loot. There will be more than one occasion where you get a few coins and are sent on your way with your tail, or should I say wings, between your legs.


Weapon Cache

There are three quests to be completed within the instance, and finishing them can help offset the lack of overall loot you will gain while inside.

The Siege of Nochsana – For this quest all you need to do is target the main door of the fortress and right click the siege weapon in your inventory. After it is destroyed you will receive the the follow up, which is a quest to kill the General, the last boss you will encounter.

Nochsana Weapon Caches – This is a simple collection quest. The items you need spawn near the end of the instance all inside the fort with few scattered out front. Don’t worry, there should be enough for everyone in your group.

Guardians of the General - These are four mini-bosses that one encounters on the way to the general.

Group Make-up

Group makeup for this instance is not really an issue. You of course need a tank and a healer, though two chanters should suffice if you are unable to find a cleric.

Crowd control is not necessary but is a nice luxury for the pulls with more than one mob. High damage per second classes like sorcerer and assassin are also nice and can cut down on the time spent in the instance if you are seeking a full clear.

Basic Walkthrough

The instance can be basically broken up into three parts. The first is the starting area once you enter the Training Grounds. Here you have your basic trash mobs dotted with one of the bosses you need for the guardian quest. Be careful, there are some pretty annoying patrols that can easy wipe an unaware group. There is a mix between elite and non elite mobs and the experience you get from each varies as well. This part of the instance goes relatively quickly and is the least troublesome.

The second is the area right outside of the main fortress where you can complete The Siege of Nochsana as well as killing two of the guardian bosses. After you break the gate, be wary of the mass of mobs that come out after you.

Entering the gate is the third and most mob-filled area. Be careful when pulling since they are so close together. Wind your way up and around to meet the final guardian boss. Be wary, here spawns two mobs as well.

Nochsana General

Nochsana General

The final boss is easy enough. The two mobs in front of him pull separately, so no worries there. If there are any other remaining mobs in the final fortress area they will pull with the boss, however.

The general’s moves are simple and consist of a simple debuff that can be easily dispelled as well as an area of affect knockdown. Be careful, though, as he does tend to hit pretty hard.

After killing him you get the final credit for The Siege of Nochsana quest as well as the very minute chance of a blue drop that could very well last you into the mid-thirties.


Last Stand

Over all the instance is a great distraction from the grind of quests and probably could have come a lot sooner than level twenty-five. When you complete all the quests and trash in one run you can almost gain an entire level.

The Nochsana Training Camp can also be completed by as few as three people, giving you a large experience and abyss point boost, but of course this is not recommended if you are new to the game, as it is quite a challenge.