Getting Started in Aion the Tower of Eternity

Getting Started in Aion the Tower of Eternity
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What is Aion

Aion is a visually stunning MMORPG that was just released September of 2009. Already the game has sold out in local stores and across the globe. Having previously gone live in Korea and China the newest audience now gets the benefits of a year of tweaks before they play the game. Crawling into the hearts of millions in just a few short days, Aion, will be a force to recon with. Supported by a large company with a great reputation this MMORPG will succeed with higher marks than first expected.

Dive into Aion with either the Elyos or Asmodians characters and obtain your wings at level 10. Flying is not allowed in all areas but gliding is. You can fall off the edge of a cliff, take your wings out, and then glide to safety with ease. Wings are changeable in the game and not many people in the higher levels have the same type of wings. Wings are all different and can be bought or found throughout the game.

Choosing your Profession

Choosing your profession is one of the best parts of playing a MMORPG. In Aion you get to choose from 4 different classes which branch off at level 10 into 2 additional class paths to choose from.

  • Warrior

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    • Templar
    • Gladiator
  • Scout

    • Ranger
    • Assassin
  • Priest

    • Cleric
    • Chanter
  • Mage

    • Sorcerer
    • Spiritmaster

After choosing which primary profession you want to play it is then time to create your character. Aion offers gamers the most in-depth character customization ever seen before in a MMORPG. Customize the eyebrows, forehead height, face shape, ears, mouth size, smile, length of arms, size of feet, shoulders, and tons more. After you get the character shape you want it is then time to start picking what colors you want for the hair, mouth, skin, etc. Try on different tattoos or facial scars, moles, or freckles.

Entering the World

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After the first cut scene which gives you a run through of the game players will find themselves immersed in a world of stunning graphics. Players are running around the size of your foot or larger than an elephant. There will be rodents and animals giving you quests as well as human figures. Quests come in a few different forms. There will be campaign quests to advance characters to the next level and then quests designed specifically for leveling your character or professions.

When you get past the first cut scene and see the glowing blue arrow hanging over your first quest givers head a tutorial will pop up offering help and giving instructions. This tutorial comes in very handy for new players and will offer some suggestions for people who have played the game since closed beta.

Walking, talking, and finding specific locations inside a new game can be difficult. Learning when to right click and when to left click to

Photo By Melina Ann Collison

use items can be tricky as well. However, Aion has combined the most widely utilized commands for the game. So most people can just sit down and be comfortable with playing the Aion game. Maps are some of the best in MMO games right now. Tapping the “m” key on the keyboard once will allow a map to open up for the player. However, typing “n” gives the player a map that can be utilized while fighting, running, or otherwise navigating in the Aion world.

Interacting with the environment takes only a small click with the mouse. Gathering quests are offered while playing the game to give players a bit of a push to leveling their skills. Some items can be gathered in the air and some enemies will be fought in the air as well. This game has already become the main focus on gamer chat boards across the Internet. Join the frenzy that has already started!

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