Aion Sorcerer Leveling Guide Ascension Spell Rotation

Aion Sorcerer Leveling Guide Ascension Spell Rotation
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What’s different about being a Daeva?

Reaching level 9 automatically queues up the Ascension quest for your chosen faction. This huge step in your leveling brings about a ton of changes, primarily the gift of your wings. Your Sorcerer, while still confined to cloth armor, will now be able to choose between carrying a Spellbook or an Orb as her weapon of choice. Like the books, Orbs are carried mainly for their boosting stats but they are also capable of dealing a small amount of short range physical damage. Orbs generally offer slightly more Magic Boost and less Magical Accuracy than Spellbooks, while providing an additional bonus to maximum MP.

You will still be looking for the same stats as in your early levels, with Knowledge and Will leading the pack. Now that you have gained your wings and the flight ability, manastones and other gear-enhancing items that extend your maximum flight time are good for all classes.

You may have also noticed the green bar below your HP and MP bars - this is your DP, or Divine Power. DP accumulates while you are fighting either the Balaur or monsters, and is lost upon death and logging out of the game. Certain abilities require DP, including your new Morph Substance ability and either Celestial Word (Elyos) or Pandaemonium Focus (Asmodian). Deciding when to unleash your accumulated DP is an important strategical component to the game.

Spell Rotation, Levels 10-12


Your new combat ability during these levels is Sleep, which makes 2-pulls or the occasional unplanned add much less stressful for your Sorcerer. Use the 20-second period to quickly dispatch your primary target, and avoid using Ice Chain after the initial pull. You want to make sure that you have it available to break your Sleep, in order to get the jump on the second mob, as well. Other than that, your rotation will not change during these levels.

You may have the opportunity to group with other players. If you find yourself grouped with a melee character, make sure to stand back at range from the target. You will be less likely to draw the mob’s focus and will also have a better perspective on your surroundings. You can conserve some MP by skipping Ice Chain and beginning your rotation with Erosion, then Flame Bolt and Blaze when available.

Spell Rotation, Levels 13-15


Life just got a lot easier for your Sorcerer! Three new spells at level 13 give you the ability to Blind Leap backwards away from your target when necessary, magical resistance and better MP regen with Robe of Earth, and a heavy-hitting nuke in Flame Harpoon. Unlike Stone Skin, which you should pop when incoming damage is imminent, Robe of Earth should always be active.

On single targets when soloing, pull with Ice Chain and Frozen Shock. Begin winding up a Flame Bolt, trigger Blaze when available, and Flame Harpoon. If your target is miraculously still on its feet, Blind Leap backwards to gain some distance, hit Erosion if its at more than 50% health, and try another Flame Bolt or two. This strategy requires you to be aware of what’s behind you (practice with the default binding of mouse button #3) at all times, and allows you to maintain space between yourself and the mob.

Spell Rotation, Levels 16-19

Ice Chain

Level 16 brings you access to two new spells: Flame Cage is a second DoT for your arsenal, with slightly more damage than Erosion, while Winter Binding is a bit more interesting. This spell freezes all mobs in a 15 meter radius of you for 10 seconds. While this might sound like an “I Win” button, keep in mind that there may be mobs within that radius that are not currently engaged in combat with you. Once you pop WB, however, they will be.

During solo play, WB gives you a definite edge and head-start if you’ve bitten off more than you can chew and need to flee. If you’ve pulled one - or three - mobs more than you can handle, and the area is otherwise clear, WB may also give you the chance to rip victory from the very jaws of defeat. It may, however, bring every Mau (and his brother) in the area down on your head. Again, awareness of your surroundings is key to the use of this spell.



When grouping for the Elite mobs and quests, you may be called on Sleep a marked target. Make sure that you know which mark is yours, and be ready to re-Sleep if necessary. While a good tank will be aware of crowd-controlled mobs and grab them as they become available, you as a dps class are responsible for your own safety.

For Elite level mobs and bosses, you will be juggling your two DoT cool downs, making sure to keep both ticking on the mob at all times, while peppering it with DD (direct-damage) spells. This is where your ‘rotation’ as such is more accurately defined as ‘spell prioritization.’ Use the following logic in order to decide what to cast:

- Does either DoT need to be reapplied? If yes, apply DoT, if no,

- Is Flame Harpoon off of cooldown? If yes, use FH. If no,

- Is Ice Chain off of cooldown? If yes, use IC. If no,

- Use Flame Bolt / Blaze

This may sound difficult, but with a little practice you will get into a rhythm and know at a glance which spell to use at any given moment. Keep in mind that Ice Chain should still be a part of your rotation, but avoid Frozen Shock when it procs - your tank will appreciate not having his target knocked back out of his melee range.



Experimenting with different rotations and play-styles, in solo and group play, will give you the experience to excel with your Sorcerer. Knowing your spells, their strengths and potential down-sides, and keeping yourself at range and out of the mob’s reach are the fruits of practice and trial-and-error. The next 10 levels in your career offer a lot to look forward to, and getting comfortable with the basics of your class now will make reaching the next plateau a piece of cake.