Free Warhammer Online Class Guides - Order Careers

Free Warhammer Online Class Guides - Order Careers
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Free Order Class Guides

We began our discussion of the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning career options a couple of weeks ago, and gave some useful links to free guides and discussions of the Warhammer Destruction faction careers. Continuing along those lines, lets take a look at some of the free guides available right here on Bright Hub for the Order faction careers.

The Dwarf Oathbearers Careers

The Engineer class is the stout Dwarf offering to players for ranged DPS. Engineers are something of a “pet” class, but instead of living creatures they use stationary turrets, much like the Destruction’s Chaos Magus uses its Daemons. The combination of turrets for various purposes and the use of guns make Engineers powerful opponents in RvR combat. Learn how to play an Engineer well.

The Runepriest career is the Healer archetype for the Dwarven Oathbearers army. The Runepriest places blessings upon their allies in the form of Runes, which players can use offensively against their enemies. Their three Mastery Trees enhance various types of abilities, including AoE, Single Target, and Over-time spells. The Runepriest is a powerful ally and fierce in combat, being able to use their runes to both heal allies and damage enemies. Learn all about how to play a Runepriest.

You can find information about the upcoming Dwarf Slayer Career in the news section of this writer’s profile.

The Empire Order of the Griffon Careers

The Empire is the race of northern-dwelling humans locked in constant combat with the forces of Chaos.

The Witch Hunter career is the race’s melee DPS dealer. The Witch Hunter uses a combination of a rapier and pistol to be the judge, jury, and executioner of suspected heretics. In actual gameplay they make fierce opponents in combat, employing a skillset that


includes stealth and ambush to deal maximum damage. The Witch Hunter Mastery Paths enhance various types of the Witch Hunters abilities, including direct damage, damage over time, or ambush abilities.

The Empire’s Bright Wizard career uses the power of fire to inflict massive amounts of damage to their enemies. They are the ranged DPS dealer of the race, and employ a variety of abilities and tactics unique to all types of gameplay. In RvR Bright Wizards make viscious opponents. Here you can find some useful Bright Wizard RvR tips. There are also tips for playing a Bright Wizard solo and in group PvE situations, here on Bright Hub. This series of articles offers a complete Bright Wizard class guide.

The Empire’s Healer archetype, the Warrior Priest, specializes in taking and dishing out beatings, while simultaneously keeping himself and his group alive. He is not a caster per se, and does most of this in short or melee range. He is very similar to the Dark Elf Disciple of Khaine in function, and you can read about the comparisons of play style and abilities of the Warrior Priest and Disciple of Khaine. The healing Warrior Priest Mastery Path is the Path of Salvation.

Here you can find information on the recently added Knight of the Blazing Sun career.

The High Elf Shining Guard Careers

The High Elves are a regal race with a love for beauty, education, and dedicated studies of magical forces. They are also fierce warriors when it comes to protecting the things they love, and are locked in near constant conflict with their Dark Elf kin.


The Archmage’s name may throw a player off because mages are usually associated with damaging magic spells and not with healing. Regardless, the High Elf Archmage is the healer archetype of the race, and employs an array of healing and damaging spells intermingled to aid his allies in combat. The Archmage Mastery Paths are broken down into: Abilities that buff allies and debuff enemies, abilities used for mainly healing, and abilities used mainly for dealing damage.

The Shadow Warrior career is the High Elf ranged DPS archetype. They are a little bit different from other ranged DPS careers in Warhammer Online because they also make use of surprise attacks - a sort of guerilla warfare specialist. Additionally they have abilities and a mastery path dedicated to closing the range and dealing with their enemies up close and personal. The Shadow Warrior mastery paths focus on three types of abilities: long range, mid range, and melee.