Free Warhammer Online MMO Class Guides - Destruction

Free Warhammer Online MMO Class Guides - Destruction
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Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Class Overview

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning features an interesting and unique class (also called career) system in which players class selections are limited based upon allignment, race, and often gender. This interesting choice greatly adds to and emphasizes the extensive lore behind Warhammer Online, and immerses a class wholly into the storyline. Every career option in Warhammer Online is unique and important in all facets of the game, and has a very rich history that enhances gameplay.

Here is a guide to all of the Destruction careers of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.


The Greenskin forces are made up of Orcs and Goblins working together in a massive Waaagh! (also called an army). The Goblins are the brains, and the Orcs are the brawn, and together they make up a force to be reckoned with.

The Goblin Shaman career is a healing and damage hybrid that mingles offensive and defensive abilities to establish dominance in combat. Learn about the Shaman Mastery Paths and some of the basic Shaman spells and stats that make up the class!

The Goblin Squig Herder career is a pet and ranged DPS class. Learn all about playing a Squig Herder and fighting a Squig Herder! You can also learn all about the Squig Herder Mastery Paths.

The Black Orc career is the only career currently available to Orcs of the Greenskins forces. Learn how to play a Black Orc and all about the Black Orc Mastery Paths. You can also pick up some valuable tips for attacking a Black Orc!

Dark Elves

The Dark Elf army is made up of Dark Magic weilders and violent warriors. They are a malicious group, waging war against their former kin, the High Elves.

The Witch Elf career is one of the few Dark Elf classes that doesn’t rely upon magic, but rather on malice and cunning. They are stealthed assassins that utilize tricks and poisons to carry out their dark duty. Learn how to play a Witch Elf, and all about the Witch Elf Mastery Paths.

The Dark Elf Sorcerer or Sorceress class is the highly educated, highly intelligent magic wielding career of the Dark Elf army. Learn all about Sorceress lore and how to play the Sorcerer / Sorceress career. You can also examine the three unique Sorceress Mastery Paths.

The Dark Elf Disciple of Khaine career is the Healer archetype of the lot. Far from a pious benefactor, the Disciple of Khaine tortures their victim to gain the approval of Khaine, then uses their power to heal their allies. Learn all about the Disciple of Khaine lore and abilities, as well as the Disciple of Khaine Mastery Paths.

The Black Guard career is a newly introduced option for Dark Elves, released in December of 2008. You can find an overview of the Dark Elf Black Guard career here.



The Chaos forces, also known as the Raven Host, are the depraved cultist type Northmen in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, intent on destroying the nearby Empire.

The Zealot career is the healer archetype of the Chaos forces. One of the more complex classes in the game, you can find much information about playing a Zealot in PvE, playing a Zealot in RvR, as well as the three Zealot mastery paths: The Path of Alchemy, the Path of Dark Rights, and the Path of Witchcraft.

The Magus career is the more eloquent and educated of the Chaos forces - if only by a little bit. They are obsessed with gaining knowledge of daemons, and by proxy, Tzeench. Learn about Magus lore, and the basics of how to play a Magus. Examine the Magus Mastery Paths to earn a deeper knowledge of the career.

The Chosen career is the tank archetype class of the Chaos forces. Learn the basics of how to play a Chosen, the strengths and weaknesses of the Chosen Mastery Paths, and how to select gear for your Chosen.