Warhammer Online - Age of Reckoning: The High Elves

Warhammer Online - Age of Reckoning: The High Elves
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Warhammer Online High Elves

In the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, the race that you choose is everything. Not only will it dictate which classes you will be able to play, it will also dictate the style of play that you will be stuck with in the game. Before choosing which race you will pick, you should understand the skills and benefits of each of the races as well as a brief overview of their history and backdrop.

High Elf History

The oldest known history of the High Elves state that they were among the first beings in existence, often living in small clans and cave-dwelling societies. However, their early struggles with outside invaders prompted them to form together as larger legions, making them a force to be reckoned with.

During these early years, the High Elves allowed themselves to be contaminated with jealousy, rage, hate and fear, causing them to become savage killers and fiends. However, with the help of their strong, wise leaders, the High Elves channeled their emotions into more productive skills.

Not all elves embraced civility, however. Those that desired to keep their savage tactics split off and became the Dark Elves - a sect that would be in constant conflict with the High Elves.

To this day, the High Elves of Warhammer Online are civil, but skilled and graceful enough to best their opponents with ease.

High Elf Classes

The High Elves can choose from an array of four diverse specialty classes. These include the White Lion, the Swordmaster, the Archmage and the Shadow Hunter. Each class that the High Elves use is the result of years of training and practice aimed at becoming instruments of war and beauty.

White Lion

Originating in the northern clans of the High Elves, the White Lion is a hardy fighter who uses defensive and offensive power to bring enemies to their knees. The White Lions live up to their name, fighting with the ferocity of lions, while retaining the grace of the hunter. At the end of martial training, prospective White Lion candidates are sent into the wilds to find and slay an actual white lion. When they do so, the pelt of that lion is skinned and used as the main decoration for the White Lion. If the prospective White Lion fails, he is killed, most often by the lion.

The White Lion class of the High Elves is the tank of the High Elves, making him the one to take the majority of damage in battle. With his survival techniques and strong fortitude, the White Lion is capable of holding his own against any foe.



The Swordmaster is a juggernaut of skill and prowess. From birth, swordmasters are trained to be one with their swords. They use sword and shield styles of fighting to overcome their enemies with sheer skill. Swordmasters are the absolute best swordsmen in the world, as they train for centuries to become one with the blade. They combine dance with martial arts to make a deadly marriage of art and death.

The Swordmaster is the essential DPSer for the High Elf race. They are masters of causing harm to enemies by using their training with swords to best any foe at close quarters.


From the oldest times recorded, High Elves have harnessed powerful innate magic. Using their inborn abilities, Archmage characters

Warhammer Online Archmage

bend and mold magical energies to form powerful attacks. Though other races use magic, few can harness the pure energy with the same degree of power and precision as the Archmage. Before battle, the Archmage harnesses a massive amount of energy at once so that he can unleash it much faster than any other caster in the game.

The archmage is the caster and healer of the high elves. Though he is primarily a ranged damager for the high elves, he can also fulfill the role of healer for smaller groups.

Shadow Warrior


The oldest class in High Elf history, the Shadow Warrior came to be while the High Elves were warring with one another and with outside invaders at the beginnings of time. They strike from the shadows using bows and daggers to inflict killing blows before they are ever seen. Shadow warriors use a hit-and-run technique, flanking their enemies and killing them quickly, often without ever being detected. Though Shadow Warriors lack the civility that other classes of the High Elves boast, they do contain a certain measure of grace that few other elves can attain.

The Shadow Warrior is another ranged damager for the high elves. He is also capable of striking from the shadows quickly and quietly without remorse.

Overview of the Elves

The High Elves fit each role of the classical MMORPG party perfectly except for one—they lack the ability to effectively heal. Though the Archmage does have some ability to cast healing spells, they are not nearly as powerful as other races’ healers. They make up for this with stronger offensive ability, but this does put them at a keen disadvantage. The White Lion and Swordmaster are rather similar, as well, as both of them are intended to be both offensive and defensive. However, if you want to play a character who fights with grace and poise and has a mastery of everything they do, the High Elves are the class for you.


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