Warhammer Online Classes: A Complete List

Warhammer Online Classes: A Complete List
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Warhammer Online Races and Classes

In Warhammer Online, like many online role playing games, your first and most basic choice to make is what race and class will be. In this game, you will have the choice to pick between races in the Order and the Destruction factions. What faction you will choose will effect what kinds of missions that you will have access to in the game as well as what types of characters you will have access to.


The “good” side of all Warhammer Online classes, the Order is the side of the game that strives to bring order and peace back to the world. Races and classes in the Order are considered the good guys for all intents and purposes. Though this does not mean that you personally have to be good, it does mean that you will be associated with a faction bent on order.


Though the Dwarves formerly boasted a massive empire that stretched all across the world, it has since fell to pieces, leaving them in smaller sects and groups of inventive and proud dwarves. Their clans lust heavily after ale and gold and strive to bring new inventions

WAR Dwarf

into the world to help their cause.

Dwarf Classes

  • Iron Breaker: The tank of the dwarven people, the Iron Breaker relies on strength and fortitude to overcome his enemies through sheer force.
  • Rune Priest: Though they do not technically call themselves wizards, Rune Preists are the closest thing to wizards that the dwarven people have, using runes to cast spells and heal allies.
  • Engineer: Dwarves who use machinery to reign destruction from a distance.
  • Slayer: Not as physically hardy as Iron Breakers, Slayers use savage techniques to destroy enemies.


Warhammer Witch Hunter

The basic human race of Warhammer Online, these men and women, though short lived, fight to the death to preserve justice and peace against the harsh beasts of Destruction.

Empire Classes

  • Bright Wizard: The traditional caster, a Bright Wizard uses magic to destroy enemies from afar.
  • Warrior Priest: A vicious combination of healing power and physical prowess drives the Warrior Priest to be a huge threat on the battlefield. Warrior priests are often compared to paladins, which are not found in this game.
  • Witch Hunter: Using an array of slender weapons and guns, the witch hunter strives to weed out arcane magic of every kind from the world.
  • Knight of the Blazing Sun: The tank of the Empire race, the Knight of the Blazing Sun runs into battle with a massive shield and an expectation to die. They are commanders and soldiers, capable of many things.

High Elves

An ancient people with many millinia of history, the High Elves boast massive and pristine cities of magic and elegance. They are the traditional peace-loving people who will use their martial superiority to crush anyone to threaten their existence.

High Elf Classes

  • Swordmaster: Just as it sounds, the Swordmaster is a master of all things pertaining to the sword. Swordmasters go into battle with a fierce blade leading the way and with the skills necessary to best nearly anyone in a one-on-one skirmish.
  • Archmage: Thought to be the original users of magic, the High Elves have a mastery not found in any other race. Archmages use their innate prowess to destroy enemies from a distance.
  • Shadow Warrior: Though it goes against the traditional spirit of good will in the High Elves, Shadow Warriors strike from the shadows, killing their enemies before they are seen.
  • White Lion: A terrible force to be reckoned with, the White Lion is a powerful tank of destruction that uses hunter theology to seek and destroy.


As every hero has a villain, every good has an evil. The Destruction faction is bent on bringing chaos to the world by using force, sedition and underhanded tactics.


Orcs and Goblins lead the armies of Destruction with savage ferocity and a monstrous appetite for blood. The Greenskins are the natural enemies of Dwarves, doing anything that they can to kill the squat people of the mountains.

Greenskin Classes

  • Black Orc: The Black Orc is a brawler. He does not use technique or style, but pure brute force to best his foes.
  • Shaman: Goblin shamans are the closest thing to wizards that the Greenskins have. They use tribal rituals to bring magic to fruition and defeat their enemies.
  • Squig Herder: A curious class, the Squig Herder uses short monsters to fight from a distance while using bows and spears to attack if need be.
  • Choppa: With no self-restraint, the Choppa uses blood lust to kill enemies in single blows. They lack the defensive power of Black Orcs, but make up for it with quick killing power.


Chaos represents beings who were once humans who have been bent and twisted to become evil creatures of the Chaos. These creatures strike fear into the hearts of their enemies by using arcane horrors to destroy everything in their wake.

Chaos Classes

  • Chosen: The tank of the Chaos race, the Chosen represents a powerful being of massive proportions who charges into battle with abandon. Chosen warriors will destroy everything that they see, friend of foe.
  • Magus: The Magus flies around on a platform of magic, using its speed to enhance his ability to cause death from a distance.
  • Zealot: The Zealot is the most devout follower of the Chaos, using savagery and ritual to power up and heal allies during battle.
  • Marauder: A monstrous perversion of nature, the Marauder uses brute power and a lack of concern for life to defeat enemies.

Dark Elves

Dark Elves are High Elves that were once pure and good who have since turned their backs on a life of peace and have embraced hedonism to please themselves. Dark Elves use nasty abominations of their elven counterparts to defeat all in their path.

Dark Elf

Dark Elf Classes

  • Witch Elf: The Witch Elf is restricted to female dark elves who have given their hearts and bodies to the evil god they serve. They use ritual and seduction to deceive and kill.
  • Disciple of Khaine: The dark priests of the evil gods, the Disciple uses dark rituals to heal and strengthen allies as well as curse and defile enemies.
  • Sorceress: Another gender-specific class, the Sorceress uses evil perversions of elven magic to kill and destroy from a distance.
  • Black Guard: The tank of the dark elves is terrible indeed. Using massive spears and swords to slay enemies, the Black Guard is trained from birth to believe that they are invincible in battle.


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