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Warhammer Online: The Races of Destruction

by: Cameron Burry ; edited by: M.S. Smith ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

In order to make the most basic decision of what faction you will play on the MMORPG, Warhammer Online, you should understand the classes and races that are present in each faction.

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    Destruction Overview


    You can play Warhammer Online for free as long as you stick to some basic guidelines and restrictions. Though the game originally was intended to be a pay-for-play game, this did not seem to attract many players, making the developers more keen to release content for free.

    In any case, you can still play several races of both factions. The game is separated into two factions, good and evil, right and wrong, Order and Destruction. Before you decide which race that you want to take in the game, you would do well to understand which faction offers what. In understanding what you will be offered with each faction, you will be able to make a more educated decision on what race will best fit what style of play you prefer. In this guide we will look at the Destruction side so you to understand which classes are offered to the evil races of Destruction.

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    Armies of Destruction

    If you decide to go with the armies of Destruction, you will have three distinct races to choose from. These are the Greenskins, the Chaos, and the Dark Elves. These three factions are direct opposites of their Order counterparts, making each one of them natural enemies against one another. Each race contains four unique classes for you to choose from, each of these classes being intended to fulfill one of the three major MMORPG roles: Tank, DPS and Caster. Though some consider a healing role also essential to the role playing situation, healers are actually not emphasized in this game. Though healing abilities are present, you will find few core healers in the game.

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    Greenskins The traditional orcs and goblins of the fantasy genre, the Greenskins are absolute savages. They fight with treacherous abandon and little strategy. In fact, they prefer to rush into battle headlong rather than stand and think of tactics beforehand. Though this might lead to them being outmaneuvered, it does serve them well in most situations. The Greenskins are the direct opposites of Dwarves, who have fought them for generations both in the mountains and in open war. Greenskins are separated into tribes with Orcs and Goblins living in harmony with the same desire: war.

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    Perversions of their Human counterparts, the Chaos armies represent followers of the dark gods. They fight with similar tactics as their human counterparts, but use a perversion of magic and ritual to best their enemies. They are keen on defiling the dead of the humans that they kill and offering them as sacrifices to their evil gods. Though the Chaos originally started in conjunction with the other humans of the world, this quickly deteriorated when a group of humans sided with the evil gods to pursue paths of darkness and evil. They are treacherous and underhanded, often using torture to get what they want.

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    Dark Elves

    The hedonistic counterparts of the High Elves, the Dark Elves were once High Elves who decided to pursue a path of emotional turmoil and self-satisfaction. The Dark Elves worship the evil gods, offering their minds and bodies as the personal tools for the pleasure of their gods. They have a similar grace and mastery as their High Elf counterparts, but bring an X factor to the game, savagery. They kill and destroy to get what they desire. From birth, they are trained to think themselves incapable of dying in the heat of battle, as long as they are absolutely dedicated to their gods. This makes them much fiercer and more fearless than any other creature in the game.

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    The Destruction

    wardestruction The Destruction Armies push against the armies of Order to expand their boarders in the name of their gods. Unlike the Order, who represent three races of creatures who fight in alliance with one another, the Destruction armies move as if one entity, as they all serve the same general purpose - to destroy. The Order armies desire only to bring restoration back to the world while the Destruction armies move to pervert the world.

    Choosing the path of Destruction will cause you to embark on missions that will defile all things good and use underhanded tactics to destroy the armies of Order. If you are one who likes to kill and destroy and seeks to only bring glory and treasure to yourself, the armies of Destruction is the correct choice for you. These armies will have absolutely any type of character that will interest your preferred style of play.