Warhammer Online Class Guide: Shaman Abilities and Tactics

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Is the Shaman Class for You?

The fact that the Warhammer Online shaman cannot wear tough armor, and has very low health to begin with, makes it a perfect class for players who want to sit back and cast spells from far away, healing allies as necessary. If you love to be in the middle of battle, taking damage and dealing it up close and personal, this is not the class for you. If you attempt to play the shaman as a tank or warrior type, you will die faster than you can say “heal plz.” That being said, once you learn to play this class, you will find yourself dealing plenty of damage while healing allies, so learn some tips before you play.

Shaman Stats

Once you discover the necessary stats, your shaman will gain some strength. You will need Intelligence to increase your spell damage, Wounds to have stronger hit points, and Willpower to heal as best as possible. Toughness reduces damage taken, which is also helpful considering the shaman’s already weak facade. Focus on those four stats, particularly Intelligence and Willpower, and you will have a great start.

Starting Out with Spells

If you are new to this character, you will probably want to find out just what skills to expect when you start playing. Once you figure out how to use them, your time as shaman will flow a bit better. Some of the first damage spells you receive will be Brain Bursta, which is a bolt nuke, and Bunch o' Waaagh, which is a channeled nuke. You will probably find yourself using these spells over and over from level 1 until about level 15. Life Leaka deals damage over time, so that will be appropriate to use occasionally, too.

You will also obtain some healing spells at the lower levels.Gork’ll Fix heals over time, while Bigger, Better, an' Greener and Divine Favor are both bigger, more effective healing spells that you get around level 10.Gedup! can resurrect a dead ally, while I’ll Take Dat deals damage to an enemy while you heal.

As you climb the levels, you will receive some spells that help your entire group out. Mork’s Breath clouds the vision of your enemies, and heals any allies close to them, while ‘Ere We Go! increase the damage dealt by party members’ melee attacks.

In Conclusion

Hopefully knowing some of the shaman abilities, as well as the crucial stats, gives you a glimpse into this type of character. Overall, if you enjoy some healing, and dealing some damage from a distance, the Warhammer Online shaman might just be for you. The best way to find out for sure is to start a shaman. If you can get through the first 15 or so levels and get the style of play down to a science, you will likely come to love this little goblin class.

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