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Warhammer Online Class Guide - Black Orc Skills and Abilities: Part 2

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: M.S. Smith ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

After understanding the kind of fighter class a Black Orc is, it is important to know the skills and attributes of the class. Read on!

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    Black Orc, Skills and Attributes

    By now you’re probably impressed by the Black Orc class of the Greenskins army, and you want to know all about the skills and strategies associated with these meanies. Here you go:

    The main thing to remember about the Black Orc is that he attacks with a chain mechanism, i.e., as he attacks the enemy using a skill or an ability, another set of abilities becomes available for use. So it is important that you train/buy the best skills and abilities for the character to unleash the best possible chain of tactics available.

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    Skills / Abilities

    The black orc career begins with four basic skills, and they are Lob Choppa, Flee, Auto Attack and Clobber. Every time you gain a new level, you also get a chance to learn a new skill. These skills can only be learned from an NPC, a career trainer.

    Also, as you level up, you’ll have different opportunities to advance your character. Skills and mastery points are just the broader bonuses: you also get the chance to learn new buffs, attack tactics, debuffs and even passive abilities.

    There are also the War Bellows - additional skills that get activated with a loud bellow or shout, giving the team additional bonus. Your Black Orc can shout to his team mates empowering them to attack the enemy with even more vigour, or he can taunt his enemies, demoralizing them and making them weaker. There are three kinds of self-bellows that are effective only on you - Da Biggest!, which gives you 25% chance to increase your strength upon striking an opponent; Da Greenest!, which gives you 25% chance to increase your resistance upon striking an opponent; and Da Toughest!, which gives you a 25% chance to create a protective shield that absorbs damage should a foe be striking at you. Another war bellow that affects your entire army is Get 'Em. This yell encourages your team to a point where their action points begin regenerating 20% faster. This lasts for 15 seconds.

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    The Black Orc has 16 different stats available in WAR online. The most important of them are – strength, toughness, weapon skill, willpower, wounds, and initiative. Depending upon what kind of character you choose, a tank style warrior, or a DPS meanie, you should focus on those stats which benefit you orc bully the most.

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    Paths / Masteries

    There are the Mastery plans as your character advances further. Basically these are designated career paths that your Black Orc follows. These paths are: Path of da Brawler, Path of da Toughest and Path of da Boss.

    Path of da Brawler:

    The Path of da Brawler shows what a true choppin’ meanie the orc is. This path emphasizes pure battle aggression, and reckless brutality. A Black Orc following the Path of da Brawler does not use a shield, preferring to inflict more damage to his enemies at greater risk to his own life.

    Path of da Toughest:

    This path focuses on amplifying the Black Orc's defensive abilities. It makes good use of his shield and armor, as well as abilities that increase his resistance to damage.

    Path of da Boss:

    This path focuses in on group effects, making the Black Orc a leader in any party or warband. It increases the effectiveness of his bellows, strengthening his group for battle.

    In order to choose a specific path or mastery your orc beastie needs to earn mastery points. First mastery point comes to you when you gain level 11. Thereafter you gain additional points as you level. A total of 25 mastery points can be earned that can be spent towards your chosen mastery points.

Warhammer Online - Guide to the Black Orc

This two part article introduces you to the black orc fighter class of the greenskins. The first part begins with the basics, while the second part deals more directly with the skills and attributes available to you for the character advancement.
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